1. Ted Gaines

    The Remote Work Dealership - Is it even possible?

    How do you keep your team safe while keeping your business open? Read the article here.
  2. jwittler

    PR & News Auto Sales Officially Deemed Essential!

    This afternoon, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) added automotive sales to the list of “Essential Businesses” permitted to safely operate during the pandemic. For everyone in the Refresh Community who signed the #AllowSafeAutoSales petition - thank you! There are so many dealers out...
  3. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday w/ Eric Miltsch | Conspiracy theories, eating bats, GMB, orange men and digital retailing

    @Eric Miltsch joins us to shoot the sh!t about what’s happening in the world today. NOTHING IS OFF THE TABLE <---- you’ve been warned. Conspiracy theories, eating bats, orange men, digital retailing, sweat pants, murdering family, etc... Maybe not in that order. And for those of you who need a...
  4. Joe Friedrichsen

    Dealer Teamwork An Opportunistic Approach to COVID-19 Marketing Strategies

    Dealer Teamwork released this information to its clients this morning (4/9/2020). I'm posting it here to make it available to everyone. This piece examines current COVID-19 advertising trends and provides recommendations to dealers on how they can adjust their marketing strategies to come out...
  5. ilana.zur

    Market Analysis in the Era of Coronavirus: How to Capture Leads with the Right Messaging

    We’re living through a very eerie time, where it seems like every day there is another COVID-19 related news story that catches us off-guard. It’s strange that all of a sudden our biggest human instinct is “forbidden” and instead of finding comfort in the company of others, we’re practicing...
  6. Joe Friedrichsen

    Dealer Teamwork Understanding COVID-19 Government Relief Packages

    Hi everyone! Dealer Teamwork shared this information with its clients last Friday (4/3), but I wanted to share it here for everyone too. Article summary: Dealer Teamwork's executive team: Shares its thoughts & analysis on the two government aid packages Offers important resources and...
  7. todd.smith

    Will COVID-19 dealership CERTIFICATION become a thing?

    COVID-19 Certification I believe this is potentially coming if this pandemic becomes a long-term situation within the United States or becomes a recurring annual issue. This certification would entail dealerships meeting a strict set of protocols to maintain the health and safety of not only...
  8. jwittler Paul Daly - Automotive State of the Union LinkedIn Live Event

    Refresh friends - Paul Daly will be hosting a free LinkedIn Live event tomorrow (April 1st) starting at 11 EST. This event will be all about coming together to share information and perspective on the current challenges we face as an industry. You can register for free here. Speakers will...
  9. Joe Friedrichsen

    Dealer Teamwork Do Not Use This New Google My Business Feature

    Do not use Google's new “Temporarily closed” GMB label if your dealership needs to temporarily close due to COVID-19. The problem with using this new feature is that you’ll first have to contact GMB support. There isn’t currently an option for you to access this label on the dashboard. Also...
  10. Joe Friedrichsen

    Dealer Teamwork 6 Tips for a Safe Car Shopping Experience During COVID-19

    I just wanted to put together a short post with 6 tips that progressive dealers can use to implement creative solutions to ensure the safety and health of their customers and employees. If you think of other helpful tips, feel free to add on to this list. Here they are: 1. Formalize...
  11. D

    PR & News We Need to Break Up - The Year We Said Goodbye to the News.

    COVID-19. Just like that, our business, strategy, staffing and more has changed. As someone fairly weathered in the auto industry, a pandemic seems like the natural next step in what seemed like a nice break from tsunamis, recalls, hurricanes and government shutdowns. But the dam has broken...
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