fixed ops

  1. bspringer

    Today's inventory shortage, tomorrow's fixed ops struggle

    The challenges posed by the inventory shortage are so pervasive that it’s already becoming difficult to remember a time when we weren’t all talking about it. And while those challenges aren't going to magically disappear any time soon, I think we also need to start preparing for some predictable...
  2. J Picciotti

    Which works best? A fixed ops BDC or the actual personnel?

    Which works best? A fixed ops BDC or the actual personnel? This question gets me every time. I struggle, because as an advisor, our first concern is our customers in the waiting room, then our customers who have dropped off for the day. BUT we all know that cars do not show up on their own so...
  3. Ted Gaines

    PR & News New Product for Reconditioning Operations
  4. ryan.gerardi

    What are some trends you see threatening Fixed Ops revenue in 2020?

    According to a recent report by RevolutionParts, crash rates in automobiles have been decreasing over the last several years and are expected to continue as much as 12% year-over-year over the next 5 years. This is no surprise with radar and sensor technologies, ride share apps, and backup...
  5. Ted Gaines

    PR & News EchoPark Automotive Selects AutoMobile Technologies

    EchoPark Automotive Selects AutoMobile Technologies Software to Manage Its Massive Reconditioning Operations ReconMonitor's workflow and process management helps maintain efficiencies for high-volume reconditioning PRESS RELEASE UPDATED: OCT 25, 2018 NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. and PLAINVIEW, N.Y...
  6. Mbarlow

    ELEAD1ONE Fixed Ops Suite Trainer Consultants Needed

    Looking for individuals who have to drive and passion to affect change in the dealership to join our Service1One Team. We’re looking for coaches who can train our proven processes along with our award-winning tools to take our clients into the next evolution of Service Customer Engagement. Do...
  7. Mbarlow

    ELEAD1ONE Regional Sales Director - Service1One

    Locations: New York Area, Northeast U.S., Central Texas, California, DC/Atlantic About the Job ELEAD1ONE, the leading dealership software provider in the automotive space, has an immediate opening for a Regional Sales Director specializing solely in sales of the Fixed Operations product suite...
  8. ryan.gerardi

    DR Roundtable Session #3 - Growing Marketshare Through Fixed-Ops

    Welcome to this edition of the DealerRefresh Roundtable where we welcome first-time Guests Jeff Clark and Mike Morais. Jeff is Chief Sales Officer at DealerOn. Mike Morais is President of Open Road Auto Group. In this session we open up with a discussion around 'Cause Marketing' initiatives...