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  1. Mattbkk

    Deals4Dealers Free Google My Business Audit Tool Chrome Extension

    For more than 1 year we’ve been working and finally now releasing our FREE Google My Business Audit Extension, so-called GMB Crush! GMB Crush is a Google my Business Audit Tool that reverse engineer your Google My Business competitors’ success in a couple of clicks, by analyzing their GMB...
  2. georgenenni

    Chrome Extension shows competitor Google My Business categories

    We released a cool new (and free) Chrome Extension this morning called GMBspy. Many of us know that Google My Business (GMB) categories can be read for any location by searching the HTML. This process works, but is clumsy and slow. Why care about GMB categories? I believe they are one of the...
  3. georgenenni

    Is DealerRater breaking Schema rules for leverage against dealers?

    When you Google your dealership name, what 3rd parties appear in the search results? On your Google My Business page, what "Reviews from the web" appear? For many dealers DealerRater appears with their dealer listing. They use schema, along with their large amount of reviews to rank on page 1...
  4. georgenenni

    Google My Business and Consistent Change

    Fascinating We are seeing a consistent change in consumer behavior around Google My Business for dealerships across the country. Since March 2020 there have been more Google My Business page views occurring in Google search results vs. Google Maps. Why is this happening? Less shoppers are...
  5. georgenenni

    Dealers Are Winning with Multiple “Google My Business”

    If automotive retailers want to maximize their opportunities with Google My Business (GMB), they must create separate departments for sales, service, parts and body shop. I’ve seen this topic debated online, and though some may disagree, I want the data to speak for itself in making this...
  6. georgenenni

    Adding Fixed Ops departments to Google My Business Listings

    After spending several hours watching the DealerOn's super-smart Greg Gifford at the spring DD (and taking several pages of notes), I went on a mission to establish departmental GMB listings for dealers. Greg started that Google had recently released “Departments”, and dealers can take...
  7. Itsallaboutthemoney

    New Helpful Google My Business Feature

    I glanced over the threads and haven't found the one about this comparatively new GMB feature which is called Menu. They introduced it in April. So, basically it is an ability to add a categorized list of your services within your Google My Business pages. There are sections, subsections, a...
  8. georgenenni

    Google My Business keyword report, anyone seeing this yet?

    Thanks to a recent tweet by @ericmiltsch of Dealer Teamwork, I learned of this new development: I'm not seeing it so far for any of my dealer-customers, how about you all? If so, please share a screen...
  9. Jeff Kershner

    AI Assistant Phone Calls - will this really work?

    60% of small business (guessing dealers are not included) do NOT offer online booking / scheduling. Google Duplex believes they have a solution with AI. Have you seen this? What are the possibilities for our industry with such technology? Are are already seeing some of this with AI Chat.
  10. Andrew.K

    Google My Business: Irrelevant Photos

    Has anyone had luck choosing photos to display on SERPs for their Google My Business profile pages? Recently, Google has been overriding our photo choices and they've picked some terrible, user-submitted photos to show on SERPs. Our clients are understandably upset but when I call Google they...