phone calls

  1. MikeHaeg

    It’s 7:13 pm PST. My phone rang six times today with spam calls

    This has happened to you, right? Articles and headlines like this and this tell similar stories -- spam calls keep increasing. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) says these unwanted calls represent their top consumer complaint and highest priority. Good news - you’re not alone. Various...
  2. Jeff Kershner

    AI Assistant Phone Calls - will this really work?

    60% of small business (guessing dealers are not included) do NOT offer online booking / scheduling. Google Duplex believes they have a solution with AI. Have you seen this? What are the possibilities for our industry with such technology? Are are already seeing some of this with AI Chat.
  3. derrickwoolfson

    Call Revu Needs a "REVU"

    Tracking phones is imperative as it assists in bettering the way we handle and approach the phones. But if you have had the chance to "REVU" (really? r we using shrt ling now?) "CALL REVU" it is nothing more than a bloated, clumsy, unapproachable excel sheet filled with electric colors that will...
  4. B

    Vendor Question

    Hi guys. I use CDK DMS and CRM. I'm looking for a third party that will drop outgoing call data and/or a link to the recorded call into the customer record in the CDK CRM. Has anyone used such a vendor?
  5. JenniferSuzuki

    Change the direction of your sales calls and set more appointments now!

    Most sales calls all sound similarly…”Thank you for calling ABC Motors, this is Jennifer, how can I help you?” You already know why the prospect is calling you…they want only two pieces of information from you. Availability and Price. So why did you give up control of the call right away...