service department

  1. Alex Snyder

    Resource Reinventing Equity Mining Version 1

    When an Equity Mining solution isn't giving the results you want, your people are usually where the finger gets pointed. It isn't your people's fault - it is the technology. Find out why in this white paper and start pointing the finger back at your equity mining solution.
  2. J Picciotti

    How Much is Enough in the Drive

    How Much is Enough in The Drive How much is enough? This question could be posed for anyone and anything. However, when we start to get down to brass tacks in the service department, we all seem to swim in a grey area of pushing for profit, perfect customer service and how much an advisor can...
  3. Brittany

    Why Service At A Dealership?

    Hey guys! :hello: How does everyone get customers to use a dealership's service lanes instead of running up to the closest Jiffy Lube or mom-and-pop repair shop? I'm thinking about things like factory parts, technicians that are manufacturer certified, etc!
  4. flosho

    Soliciting Positive Service Reviews

    Our sales department does an excellent job providing exceptional customer service and making a happy customer when they come in to purchase their new-to-them BMW or Mercedes, etc. It's "easy" to have a happy customer that leaves a 5-star review. On the flip side, we have a service department...