1. Ted Gaines

    Reconditioning is Mining Your Inventory for Margin - Don't Walk Away From It

    I read a comment recently in one of the other online forums for Used Car dealers. The poster, a dealer principal, wrote: “With reconditioning cost through the roof these days I prefer to buy as ready as possible. I feel my money is better spent on the frontline ready car..” Really? Of course...
  2. Ted Gaines

    PR & News New Product for Reconditioning Operations
  3. Salete

    Looking for Carmax type Software / Process

    The sales persons at Carmax take you though entire process - Fill out Credit app / Rate / VSC / Close Back office just prints. Looking for customer facing package ( and Online) that will accomplish this Already demoed Roadster ( wont work ) Looking at Modal / Auto Fi etc to create this...
  4. Blair H

    Business Management Software?

    I don't even know if that's the correct terminology. What we're looking for is a program that we can take all of the many data sources we have and put them into one spot and create measurable metrics once the data has been ran against similar relevant data. We just have so many different...
  5. Mark Buckman

    Deals4Dealers Do you have a digital workflow for conducting Test Drives?

    Do you currently use a digital workflow to conduct test drives? We are currently piloting a new application called CYA. This application allows dealers to capture the customers drivers license and verify that it is valid, via scanning of the bar code on the back. It also generates a custom...
  6. John Colascione

    Deals4Dealers Something New; I Call it TurboListings

    In case anyone would like to try something new, in 2015 when Craigslist began charging fees to post in the dealer section I built my own API posting software system to post vehicles. To optimise the listings, I then built-in something called a vehicle similarities database so when the system...
  7. Tyler Makin

    Deals4Dealers Vehicle Locations, Brochures & Safety Ratings in your Pocket

    Even rookie salespeople can be product experts with the new LotPocket app. We combine your inventory with information from your OEM and third parties (such as IIHS and CARFAX) so your salespeople can have complete product knowledge in their pocket. LotPocket lets your sales team know where your...
  8. L


    We as an autogroup continue to grow and our options for pictures with Vinsolutions is to use their app, but it isn't fast enough for our volume. If any dealership has an old vincamera lying around we would love to buy it from you. Thank you from the Don Franklin Auto Group. (we need as many as...