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  1. Ted Gaines

    PR & News New Product for Reconditioning Operations
  2. Ted Gaines

    Do Used Car Customers Buy Old Cars? We Have The Answer.

    Are your customers buying cars older than you are willing to sell? If your dealership automatically wholesales out all trade-ins more than three or four years old, you may want to reconsider. Why? Because you might be ignoring a large sector of the used car buying public. Understanding your...
  3. Ted Gaines

    Dealers Calling for Inventory

    Dealers looking to add to their Used inventory are finding surprises. Early signs of a resurgence in used car buying are waking up the industry from its pandemic-induced doldrums. We’ve heard from two large clients in the past few days that auction prices are higher than anticipated as dealers...
  4. S

    Used Car Business Development Managers - home-office based

    Title: Used Car Business Development Managers Duration: Long Term These Used Car Business Development Managers will be home-office based and covering the following major markets: § SoCal (LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Vegas, etc) § Florida (Atlanta, Raleigh, Orlando, Tampa – preferably...
  5. Alexander Lau

    Craigslist sues Instamotor over what they see as scraping
  6. TomLaPointe

    Are used car sales REALLY getting harder

    Industry experts are continuing to push out data that point to a sales slowdown and much bigger challenges selling used cars. This Automotive News article talking about record numbers of car buyers are 'upside down' in their cars because of higher transaction prices, longer loan terms and...