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Used Car Business Development Managers - home-office based

Jan 31, 2018
First Name
Title: Used Car Business Development Managers

Duration: Long Term

These Used Car Business Development Managers will be home-office based and covering the following major markets:

§ SoCal (LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Vegas, etc)

§ Florida (Atlanta, Raleigh, Orlando, Tampa – preferably home-based in Orlando/Tampa)

§ Great Lakes (Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis)

§ Northern Cali/Northwest (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle)

Roles and responsibility (but not limited to):

· Establish car price purchasing Index

· Establish a local bench price report

· Review weekly condition reports

· Oversee used car advertising and creative ad placement,

· Manage used vehicle inventory, marketing /Sales strategies.

· Generate business from established and new customers

please contact me on below email for more information
Email Id: [email protected]