1. RefreshFriday Ep. 38 Dan Sayer and Driven Data's Jon Berna on VDP views

    RefreshFriday Ep. 38 Dan Sayer and Driven Data's Jon Berna on VDP views

    Are VDP views still meaningful? Should dealers be comparing their VDP views across Autotrader, CarGurus, and Cars.com? Should those VDPs be compared to deal...
  2. D

    The mystery of the Dealership Website VDP URL by VIN

    Does anyone know of a redirect URL structure, for the below providers, that if you know the VIN, you can use that to get to the VDP page directly. As an example: Dealer.com uses https://www.DEALERDOMAIN.com/catcher.esl?vin=1N4AA6FV7MC501095 That then redirects to the full VDP URL Any idea...
  3. Dan Sayer

    Inverse Relationship Between CarGurus and Cars.com SRP/VDP Conversions?

    I've been tracking data from our 3rd Party Classifieds for a very long time and one of the (many) items I monitor is the SRP/VDP conversion. I feel this is one of the indicators of how well we are merchandising, pricing, etc our inventory. I've noticed this odd inverse relationship between...
  4. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Ep. 39 - Classified Listings and Cost Per VDP – is this STILL a Relevant KPI?

    On tomorrow’s #RefreshFriday – @Dan Sayer and @jon.berna Jon Berna (Mr. Truth) join us to discuss the VALUE of 3rd Party Classified Websites. Of course Dans post here in the forums was the driver for this week's RefreshFriday. Thanks Dan! Which KPI’s should you be tracking? Is the cost per VDP...
  5. Dan Sayer

    Classified Listings and Cost Per VDP - Relevant still or meh?

    I'm back in retail after being on the vendor side (which I think everyone in retail should do at least once and vice versa) for nearly two years. Prior, I spent 14 years on the retail side mainly in Internet/BDC/eCommerce/Dig Ad. Around 2010, I was struggling how to measure ROI of classified...
  6. George Nenni

    YIKES! Autotrader Referral Traffic falls off a cliff in July 2018

    Noticing a sharp drop in Referral traffic from Autotrader.com for my dealers across the country. Is everyone else seeing the same thing? Here is a YTD snapshot, with comparison to Cars.com and CarGurus.com. Have tried investigating causes, maybe their recent changes in SRPs, VDPs, etc. Any...
  7. George Nenni

    Which 3rd Party Classified Site has the best SRP?

    Love 'em or hate 'em, Third-party Classifieds are a proven way to get your new and used vehicles in front of thousands of active car shoppers in your market. These sites drive massive amounts of SRPs (search results pages), VDPs (vehicle detail pages), and leads for your stores. Each of these...
  8. Ryan Everson

    Autotrader - Screwing Dealers and Helping Competing OEM's

    Like most dealers, we are begrudgingly paying Autotrader tens of thousands of dollars a month to list our cars on their website. I've become accustomed / numb to seeing OEM banner ads on Autotrader SRP pages, however I've always felt that the VDP has been the one page that focuses primarily on...
  9. mikesayre

    CarGurus blurring info on free listings

    So all of our dealers received this notice, anyone else? Thoughts? We canceled our paid Cargurus accounts for our group late last year due to price increases. This move seems petty, and doesn't make us want to pay now. We might just pull all our group inventory off. What a shame.
  10. Gayle Rogers

    Is The VDP a Good Landing Page?

    I briefly looked to see if this was a previous topic and saw a few things but no real discussion, so I ask...What is the opinion of the community, is the VDP (or SRP) a good landing page for offsite ads (paid search or display)? Why or why not?
  11. Jeff Kershner

    How do you leverage your new car specials page?

    Our boy Dan just published an article over on the blog - "Are your new car specials, really special?" Here's a topic that seems to never get old. No matter what year it is. Dan offers several solid ideas on how to optimize and leverage your new car specials page on your dealership's website...