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Boycott the Third Party Sites like it's 2010!


Oct 12, 2015
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@ChrisR, Using Homenet, you can simply set up a data conversion to apply a value in one of the Misc (Miscellaneous) fields (you have up to 20) and then have HN support to create an export filter to specific providers based on the value of that field.

Example data conversion: Used with 10+ custom photos > Place (Whatever value you want) into Misc field 20.

Call support and setup a Export Filter to only send vehicles with your custom value in that Misc field to your specific vendor.

Easy peasy!

That did the trick.

There is a migration from VIN to Homenet for exports, we are still on the VIN side. So, that rep was right in saying I can't do it. If I can get pushed over to Homenet exports, ahead of schedule, then the Data Conversion Dashboard settings will work for us.

Appreciate the assistance.
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May 7, 2021
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Agreed, but we also need to better manage what inventory and/or how we are sending inventory feeds. Esp since those sites charge based on inventory level. Have you reviewed your packages with your vender lately? Still paying for a 100 new car package and only have 20 in stock? ;)

Maximize your USED inventory dollars! Don't be the dealer that tells them you have 120 vehicles, when you actually only have 90 front line ready at any given time. You can change your feeds on used:

- Exclude vehicles with no photos from your feeds.
- If you "pre-photo" with 2-3 before front line for your website, exclude those from feed.
- Have a 140 inventory, but only want to pay for 100 "listing package" - have your provider send the 100 oldest in your inventory, or 100 lowest priced, or ??.
- etc, etc.

Tons of ways to do it. Made some of these changes at a large 10+ store dealer group, around $23K/month saved, and inventory turn/travel rate wasn't affected.
As a regional listing service, we filter out vehicles without real photos and less than 500 miles (new cars in the used feed) from our Homenet data (we use the API). It's just a better experience for our shoppers, and gives a much better VDP view rate to report back to our dealers. On average, only 80% of the vehicles in our feed are imported, but it keeps quality high for both sides of the marketplace.