DealerAuthority Case Study: 3,928 Google Ranking rise in 5 months


Oct 16, 2018
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Happy Monday friends! Dealer Authority has recently released our latest SEO case study and we wanted to share the juicy details here on the forum.

Check it out:

Our custom SEO strategies enabled our client to see a huge leap in rankings, session duration, and a stellar bounce rate. Our content is NEVER syndicated which we firmly believe makes all the difference.

DA knows just how important custom landing pages are so much so, that we built our own page building tool to utilize for our SEO clients. This tool enables our strategists to build high-quality, custom pages is less time, so that more efforts can be focused on content and keyword ranking.

With custom landing pages, including quality links, Dealer Authority clients see a rapid rise in domain authority and continued improving search engine rankings, so that the dealership is on the top of search results in their local and surrounding areas.