1. TabFlythe

    DealerAuthority Will Swapping Fresh Content Improve Your SEO?

    Outdated website content may not always hurt, but it certainly never helps, either. Is it worth the effort to dust off those old pages and give ‘em a shine? The answer may surprise you. When it comes to SEO and website traffic, everyone is looking for an edge on the competition. It’s no...
  2. Christopher Reggie

    Uncovered More Black Hat SEO....

    Recently my team and I uncovered a dirty secret with automotive websites. One of our clients using an unnamed website company had become victims of Black Hat SEO tactics. Our client’s website had over 1000 pages of cloned content that was added by the website company. Content cloning is done by...
  3. TabFlythe

    Events & Workshops Seriously, ask us anything.

    This coming Monday (December 16th) at 2:00 PM EST our CEO Tyson Madliger will be going live on the Dealer Authority Facebook Page. Why do you ask? So you can literally ask us anything! Things like: Does third party data really make a difference in Facebook campaigns? Does my dealership really...
  4. Christopher Reggie

    Skating on Thin Content This Winter?

    If you are a business owner, or even just someone who works in marketing, it is absolutely vital to be aware of just how important having quality content on your webpage is. Having “thin” content will harm your business in both the short and long term by not having it display as prominently when...
  5. Christopher Reggie

    Understanding why the Link Between PPC and SEO Is Important

    Implementing a Synergistic Strategy Often times, within the marketing department of any given company, the department will be roughly divided into two different teams: those who deal with PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, and those who deal with SEO, or search engine optimization. The...
  6. Christopher Reggie

    Are You Worried About Duplicate Content for Your Dealership Website? You Should Be.

    Long time listener, first time caller. Just dropped a new blog about some pretty crazy duplicate content I've been seeing on dealership websites. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks! View blog: - Christopher Reggie Digital 1 Group
  7. Deavid Welson

    What are the key feature required for a landing page?

    can anyone share your opinion/valuable information on key feature that recommend visitors to take action.
  8. Deavid Welson

    How can i improve Google ranking of my website in Search engine landing page ?

    Looking for the fastest way possible to help get our website to the first page of Google. If there was one thing that could help more than others and be the most efficient what would it be?
  9. K

    Wesbsite Conversion

    Internet Directors and Marketers...Wondering what you think about a dealer's overall Lead Conversion, Your feedback is much appreciated...Help! Lead to visits Conversion 5.57% Chat to visits Conversion 0.06% Calls to visits Conversion 0.08% Web Leads to visits Conversion 0.6%
  10. EmilyJSpellman

    Brand new to the industry- HELP!

    Hey! I am absolutely brand new to the auto industry and was just hired by a dealership as their Digital Marketing Manager. I am coming from a multi-faceted background. For many years I worked in marketing and communications for non-profits where I handled mostly designing, email marketing...
  11. David Greene Have you looked at your dealers' SEO rankings since March 12th 2019?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is arguably the most important marketing tactic for dealerships today, yet still remains the slowest and most confusing of all channels to master. But that free area of Google (the results without the ‘Ad’ label next to them) cannot be ignored. Especially when...
  12. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority "Siri, find my dealership."

    Is your dealership's website ready for voice search? With over 1 billion voice assistant devices operating in the world since 2018, you can rest assured that this trend isn’t going away. Voice assistant devices range from smartphones to desktop applications, but the true game changer came in...
  13. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority Case Study: 3,928 Google Ranking rise in 5 months

    Happy Monday friends! Dealer Authority has recently released our latest SEO case study and we wanted to share the juicy details here on the forum. Check it out: Our custom SEO strategies enabled our client to see a huge leap in rankings, session duration, and a stellar...
  14. Christopher Connor

    SEO Issue | DealerON | Enterprise Specials Manager

    For webmasters working within the DealerON CMS, noticed a curious SEO issue using their new Enterprise Specials Manager. Clicking through to the actual ads, the canonical link element is set at a URL that does not exist on your website. This is from a randomly selected DealerON site: <link...
  15. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority Keyword ranking for the win!

    Even if your marketing team is just starting to scratch the surface of what will take your SEO from average to rock-star status, it’s a clear no-brainer that keyword research plays an integral role in setting up your company for success on the digital stage. At Dealer Authority, we take that...
  16. georgenenni

    Adding Fixed Ops departments to Google My Business Listings

    After spending several hours watching the DealerOn's super-smart Greg Gifford at the spring DD (and taking several pages of notes), I went on a mission to establish departmental GMB listings for dealers. Greg started that Google had recently released “Departments”, and dealers can take...
  17. georgenenni

    Adding UTM to GMB Listing, but keeps reverting back?

    A standard process I implement for dealers is adding a UTM code to their Google My Business listing, so I can gain two benefits: 1) traffic goes into Organic channel vs. Direct, 2) I can seperately track clicks from GMB website link vs. all other organic clicks (on desktop and mobile). I've...
  18. Matt Murray

    Deals4Dealers Do you get reviews?

    Widewail helps dealers manage online customer reviews. We monitor the most powerful online review sites including Google, Facebook,, DealerRater and Edmunds for any new reviews received by our customers, responding on behalf of the business. You can choose to have us monitor and...
  19. georgenenni

    Google My Business keyword report, anyone seeing this yet?

    Thanks to a recent tweet by @ericmiltsch of Dealer Teamwork, I learned of this new development: I'm not seeing it so far for any of my dealer-customers, how about you all? If so, please share a screen...
  20. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday RefreshFriday - Ep. 1 - Mike Phillips of McCloskey Motors and Bob George of DDC

    #RefreshFriday - 2/9/18 - Jeff and Alex with guests Mike Phillips of McCloskey Motors and Bob George of In this episode Alex Snyder and Jeff Kershner welcome Mike Phillips of McCloskey Motors and Bob George of to discuss the latest topics in the DealerRefresh Dealer...