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Expected Call Volumes

How many calls should a BDC Rep with more opportunities than recommended make per 8-hr shift?

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Baron Ringler

Getting Refreshed
Jul 6, 2010
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I need as many responses as possible for this. I know of a BDC where the Reps work leads, make calls, and hand off customers to the sales floor when they come in. Each Rep has about 20-25 more e-lead opportunities per month compared to the "Best Practices" that are recommended by just about every industry source and OEM, plus and outside consultant companies.

In that situation, what would your expected daily call volumes be? For context, the e-lead follow-up schedule usually ends up resulting in 55-60 scheduled calls, which does take in to account sold customers as well as lost deals.

So again, what would your daily call volume expectations be? All I need is a number plus a one or two sentence reason as to why that is your number.

Any help is appreciated.

Alex Snyder

President Skroob
May 1, 2006
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With the combination of internet leads, follow-up, and incoming sales calls as the drivers we looked at a minimum of 8 calls per hour as the baseline in the Checkered Flag BDC. Agents were scheduled for an 8-hour window with a lunch break. That puts the minimum in the 56 outbound calls per day territory for the BDC I used to run.
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Oct 12, 2015
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Do you also count on the BDC agents to send/respond to texts and emails? Are the emails automated, or manually sent? Do you track quality contacts, or just call attempts?

I've always been one to focus on quality over quantity, as I've had employees that worked for stores with strict 100 call per day quotas, so they kept lists of numbers they knew were bad, to inflate their call volume, to stay out of trouble. Tougher to fake quality calls, when I can pull reports to show how long they were on the phone, spot check by cross referencing longer calls with notes in CRM, and verify there are more real calls than not.
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