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Favorite Non Auto Technology/Software?

Mitch Gallant

Refresh Team
Apr 6, 2009
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Alexander Lau

Feb 11, 2015
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@Chris Leslie What is it you like about Raven tools? Any tips/need to knows/nice to knows for a guy who's going to sign up for the free trial and check it out?

What do you find is the main use case(s) for you?

*sorry for the interrogation...
Raven Tools have some nice features and I think Chris was posting that in comparison to the Google UTM Tag Builder, but there is a package out there called SEO Power Suite that is far superior, IMO.

THE 50 TOOLS YOU DON'T NEED if you have SEO PowerSuite (this includes much of what Raven Tools does)

Also, if you are going down the line of looking for SEO software for attribution / accountability purposes, gShift measures keywords for their conversion prowess. While at WorldDealer (bought out by Stream) I used gShift for around 200 rooftops in providing SEO services. Ask for Chris Adams, if you're interested and tell him I sent you, he'll hook you up...
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Feb 17, 2015
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Anyone doing anything like this in the automotive world?


Alexander - yes I am working with iBeacon technology too, but something maybe even cooler - the Eddystone beacon and Physical Web iterations. In Februrary 2014 I went to a master class for GIMBAL in NYC to see what this was about, but have been interested since I first heard the word iBeacon. So I got to hang with the core developers, and learn a lot - it was way over my head as a non-programmer, but I saw the marketing usefulness and passion by it's developers as an indicator of what's ahead. This is still young tech. Lunch and NYC is always awesome! The bottom line is the consumer engagement level with iBeacons is though the roof guys, however if you're not a huge mega auto group, an APP is probably useless believe it or not. The end is not here, it does get better.

However, although iBeacons are usually deployed and used exclusively with an APP, which can be costly and require long term commitment, Google's Physical Web and Eddystone beacon environment could provide a very unique marketing niche for savvy marketers like us.

Here's my idea and what I am doing with this:

I've discovered a way to broadcast with Eddystone and accomplish similar effect of iBeacon for under $XX,XXX! The ramification across multiple brick and mortar businesses could be dramatically altered and affected. The Eddystone beacon will broadcast a dealership URL, squeeze / landing page URL, it's actually a very short URL from a shortener service, from an Eddystone beacon, up to 100 meter and will reach pedestrians, vehicles passing by the dealership, parked at the light, or on the lot. The beacon will transmit a very low level data packet which when a smartphone is receptive, bluetooth on, physical web on in Chrome on the iPhone, or with a user already having beacon receptivity in the wait such as an app, what happens is that the user, the iphone and smartphone user will get a notification icon on the screen, and are prompted whether they want to save or discard, usually. If they click on it, they are taken directly to your homepage, landing page where you can amplify and offer and so forth.

I get my beacons here. https://www.blesh.com/
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