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So Sam... you only looked at Google and Yelp reviews? Yelp is nothing but negativity. That place is a cesspool of nastiness on par with YouTube comments. I sometimes wonder if things that start with Y are troll attractants.

I actually used Montway as a dealer and as a consumer. Every experience shipping cars around the country has been fantastic! Other dealer friends of mine have recommended them to other dealers for sending everything from inexpensive used cars to 6-figure rarities. My actual experience has been quite the opposite of your research.
Thank you, Alex, for sharing your positive experience with Montway. We appreciate your input and support.
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I don't have a beef. All I have is the message I led with: BEWARE of MONTWAY Transport Company. That's not bashing Montway. A sign in a front yard saying "Beware of Dog" is not bashing the dog that resides there, it's just advising passersby to keep their heads up and their wits about them.

I don't see how advising other dealerships to be cautious about something is bashing. I'm just a dealership employee who wants to look out for the dealer community. I thought that's what Jeff's forum was for. Sorry, I think I've learned my lesson and I won't be posting again.

It is an odd way to get started here. You threw a flag for me and I probed to see what was really going on.

You make a good point. I hope you don't refrain from posting.
Ready to reach prospects where they shop? (BTW, it’s online, mostly from their couch or comfy chair.) Montway's Home Delivery solution includes a proprietary widget that seamlessly integrates with your website, enabling your dealership to display estimated shipping costs and delivery dates right on your vehicle details pages.

This technology captures leads after a shipping quote request has been made for timely follow-up by a sales rep. Dealers also have access to a custom portal that provides full transparency from quote to delivery.

Now your “local market” can be right next door or across the country! Comment below to request a demo of Montway’s award-winning Home Delivery solution.
Kiar@Montway, do you have some dealership examples you can share? I'd like to see how it's implemented into a site.
Kiar@Montway, do you have some dealership examples you can share? I'd like to see how it's implemented into a site.
Hi Nick,
One of our clients is West Coast Auto. If you go to and check out a vehicle details page, you’ll see a button that says “Shipping.”

Please view the attachment for screenshot.

West Coast Auto and other dealerships use the Montway Home Delivery widget to engage ready-to-buy customers with the convenience of shipping directly to their home or office.

Bonus benefit: Once a customer enters their contact information they are captured as a lead for your sales team. All inbound customer shipping requests can be viewed and managed via our dealer portal —you gain full transparency through the transaction to delivery. Here’s a bit more on the solution:

It’s a lot to explain here, so if you’d like to see the shipping and lead generation tool in action, I’d be happy to set up a demonstration for you.


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