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I Need a Good Home...No, a GREAT one.

Baron Ringler

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Jul 6, 2010
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Just finished some contract work and now need something more solid and permanent. .

In the NY/NJ metro area, I am one of the BEST BDC Directors you will ever run across and I am looking for a spot where I can put down PERMANENT roots.

Some higlights;

- I can work digital, with facile knowledge of SEO/SEM, web site content, and advertising.
- Extensive CRM and DMS knowledge
- Can negotiate vendor contracts
- Can slam home RTM (lease and retail retention), and have a "take no prisoner" attitude.
- My methodology can allow for something you don't often see with BDC deals: gross.
- More than 5 years of desk manager and F&I experience
- Helped create one of the largest independent BDC departments in the country (proof can be provided).
- 20+ years experience (been doing this right out of school, so still a young guy though)
- Very experienced sales and BDC trainer.

My requirements? A fair pay plan based on store needs and my experience, appreciation for hard work and dedication, a place committed to proper marketing and advertising (to help drive traffic), and who won't mess with my money when (not if) I start exceeding expectations. That last one seems to be difficult to find.

Please contact me at [email protected] or 848-250-0110 if you have any interest in speaking with me.And if you know of a store within striking distance of central Jersey looking for someone like me, let the know I am here.

Thanks all.

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