1. J Picciotti

    How Much is Enough in the Drive

    How Much is Enough in The Drive How much is enough? This question could be posed for anyone and anything. However, when we start to get down to brass tacks in the service department, we all seem to swim in a grey area of pushing for profit, perfect customer service and how much an advisor can...
  2. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Is Your BDC Manager a Coach or a Cop?

    Your BDC Agents work in an environment that is vastly different from the sales floor. Sales reps are hard-wired to work a deal from the cradle to the grave, and everything they say is leading the customer towards a signature on a dotted line. BDC Agents may have the same end goal, but once the...
  3. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Need Used Car Inventory? Everyone Loves an Upgrade

    For years, dealerships have used the “we need your trade” line to drive traffic into the showroom, feigning a shortage of used vehicles. While dealers have always had a need for quality trades, COVID-19 has created a real shortage of both new and pre-owned inventory. With the new car shortage...
  4. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Top Ten Must Haves When Outsourcing Your BDC

    Outsourcing your BDC is a big decision. It takes an immense amount of trust to allow a third party to handle your customers and make calls on your behalf, and sometimes the logistics and onboarding can be a daunting project. Whether you’re considering an outsourced service as a supplement to...
  5. J Picciotti

    Which works best? A fixed ops BDC or the actual personnel?

    Which works best? A fixed ops BDC or the actual personnel? This question gets me every time. I struggle, because as an advisor, our first concern is our customers in the waiting room, then our customers who have dropped off for the day. BUT we all know that cars do not show up on their own so...
  6. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Does your BDC Prepare the Customer for a Productive Visit?

    The goal of a customer visiting the showroom is to have a productive experience. In order to do that, they have a checklist of information and research to complete prior to visiting a dealership. When your BDC agents help your customer complete their pre-visit checklist, the sales team can be...
  7. Kenneth J Fresno

    Consulting at a super high volume Indy...

    Since the start of the month I’ve been BDC consulting at a monster of an Indy. They’ve been in business for 12 years and use a “Wholesale to the public” business model. 1 nonnegotiable price. They sell a lot of Lemon/Buy-Backs which means their listings will consistently be in the top 10 when...
  8. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Does Your Receptionist Suck?

    Picture this: A customer, “John Doe,” is just beginning his shopping process, so he starts by investigating dealerships in his area. A quick Google search yields three stores nearby, all with positive reviews and robust inventories. Most customers would submit an internet lead and begin working...
  9. CallingCorbyn

    What process do you have in place to manage missed calls?

    AND how many are you missing daily? Who follows up?
  10. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall What is an Omni-Channel BDC?

    Your customers are demanding, and they’re in transaction mode. They want faster service and the ability to do more online with knowledgeable agents who can serve them across all channels of communication. This demand has forced a transformation of the role of a BDC, creating a new classification...
  11. Greg Wells

    Hiring Experienced Automotive Business Development Center Agents to work from home

    Looking for employment? We are ready to hire immediately! Due to rapid growth we have an immediate need for full-time experienced BDC men and women to work from home. The ideal person will be an energetic, outgoing person with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. Automotive BDC...
  12. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall The Value of an Appointment

    Do you know the true value of an appointment? What are you doing to ensure you're setting quality appointments? Without an in-depth business development plan, you're wasting time and money and your customers are seeking out more personalized showroom experiences elsewhere. Luckily, we've made...
  13. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall How Are We Wasting Our Time?

    Currently working on a whitepaper for our blog, and need some insight. What are some of the practices dealerships use that no longer serve their customers? Furthermore, what are the biggest time-wasters in your current lead processes? Have you pruned any outdated methods?
  14. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall COVID-19 and Connection Rates

    It’s common knowledge that COVID-19 has affected everything in our lives. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, sending your kids back to school, or even just watching TV… nothing is the same anymore. In the automotive world, we’ve developed a love/hate relationship with the Coronavirus...
  15. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Is Your Pipeline In Your Blind Spot?

    Your sales process only serves about 20% of your prospects. The rest are just beneath the surface, ready to be converted into appointments. It Starts With Management: It’s up to managers to thoroughly review the pipeline with sales and BDC reps. Reps tend to focus on what’s in front of them...
  16. Chris Vitale

    Are You Texting Your Customers?

    It’s no secret texting has become a go-to option with your dealership's prospective customers. In fact, several studies show that more than 98% of your customers will read a text sent to them within two minutes! Not to mention, unlike email, your customer will continue to see the text message in...
  17. Alex Snyder

    Resource BDC Payplan on hourly activity rate 2019-10-30

    The goal of this payplan is to keep the BDC agent focused on a volume of work. Feed them through CRM tasks and monitor quality through management. If quality becomes a major issue, add a component for appointments that show or appointments that buy. This is just an example of a payplan I have...
  18. elmagito

    Who Works Harder at our Store - Retail Sales Guy or Internet Sales Guy

    I would like everyone's opinion on this. Let me put together the facts and you all decide who works harder. Recently one of our sales managers indicated that the retail sales guys (two of them only) were not happy with the current situation with one of the Internet Sales Agents in regards to...
  19. K

    Back to BDC...what's changed?

    Hi, I took a 2-year hiatus from BDC and just got back into the industry. I am now at a 1-rooftop, smaller store (150-200 cars/mo) that kinda sorta had a few designated BDC persons, but honestly...not really. It's always been more of a referral/walk-in based, mildly "old school" store. I was...
  20. codymcardle

    BDC Percentages

    I wanted everyone’s opinions on our stores last month performance. These numbers include only internet and phone leads Good leads: 389 Sold leads: 56 Sold percentage: 14.4% Apt set: 144 Apt %: 37% Total shown: 76 Shown %: 53%