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What are the key feature required for a landing page?

Marc Lavoie

Jan 3, 2019
Montreal, Canada
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Landing Page Anatomy
There are rules you have to follow if you want to build a powerful landing page. Over time, we were able to identify frameworks for success, and we’d like to share them with you. This way, you’ll be able to skip the learning curve and go straight to powerful landing pages yielding results you need right now.

Crafting the perfect headline is 80% of the effort. The only reason why you’re reading is because this page headline caught your attention.
Headlines are vital for many businesses, even outside the auto industry. Think of the Gossip magazines you’ll find at the grocery store check out. These things have literally 2 seconds to grab your attention. They hire the best copywriters on the planet for a price you wouldn’t believe.
You have to do the same. You have to create a Hook that snaps at your visitors and get them invested in your landing page’s offer.

Supporting Headline
The supporting headline is there to put emphasis on the headline central point. This is where you can expand while keeping the reader’s attention at its highest. Your supporting headline is punchy, short and descriptive.

Reinforcement statement
The reinforcement statement can be found between the above the fold portion of the landing page and the middle of the page. You can use this portion as a soft sell in favor of the vehicle you’re selling. Positive reinforcement has been used vastly by marketers to tell the user they’re making the right choices when buying this vehicle.

Hero Image
Placing an image of the vehicle or the offer is a must. Images can paint a clear picture of what the landing page is about and clarify your unique value proposition.
If the offer is about a RAM 1500, having a picture of the truck is a no-brainer. Your future customers must be able to see themselves in your product. Is your pick up truck pulling a boat or a Ski-Doo? You must align your image with your target customer

Value Proposition
This is where you tell your visitor why they should take up on your offer and buy from you instead of the competition. Here’s your chance to separate your offer from everything else your prospect is considering. Do you have anything that sets your store apart from your same brand competition?

Yes, it can be about pricing but there’s so much more. Do you have any type of fidelity program? Military discounts? VIP Services? One-price policy? Largest inventory? 24-hour delivery? No-pressure environment?

The value proposition should attack every single false belief or misconception your potential customer might have. This is your chance to tackle the most common fears of car buyers today:

• Will I get screwed over?
• Will I get pressured into buying something I don’t want?
• Will I get stuck in the dealership for 4 hours?
• Will I get the most $ for my trade?
• Can I get financing on this vehicle I want?
• Can I do the whole process from home?

And there’s more… For every single fear your customer might have, I want you to line up the benefit they’d have buying from you. You have to help your customers visualize how the buyer process feels like at your store.

Moreover, this helps build trust, and therefore increase conversions. Never forget, people are comparing like crazy online, and this is your chance to shine and lay it down on your competition.

Social Proof
This is one of the most overlooked yet most powerful items you can use on your landing pages. Social proof is very powerful and should always be used when trying to generate new business.

Always remember that people expect you’re going to say your the best dealership in town. But the thing is, they won’t always believe you. Using testimonials and reviews from Facebook or Google per example can help you boost your reputation when it’s decision time.

You can use testimonials and reviews to address every single buyer's belief. For example, you can tackle the trust issue by inserting a positive comment about how a customer keeps buying at your store.

Another social proof might be to show how many vehicles you sold since the store exists, or prizes & awards you may have had from your OEM: CSI, President’s Club, etc. Showing something like “Over 6,400 vehicles sold” will place you as a strong, reputable business.

Call-to-action (CTA)
This is where it gets real. Without a Call-to-Action, your landing page is useless. This is your ultimate goal. Remember how the only reason your landing page exists is to convert unknown visitors to prospects? Your call-to-action is a prompt for them to enter their information and get to the next step.

You should place your call-to-action above the fold and in the middle and at the end of the page. You want to make sure users doesn't have to search for it when they are ready.
Your landing page’s call-to-action must be easy to see by using contrasting colors. Your CTA text shall be short & engaging. Here are a few examples:

• Get the Offer Now
• Learn More
• Sign Up for Free
• Get Started
• Secure My Offer
• Appraise my Car for Free
• Get Free Oil Change
• Claim your Offer
Above all, make sure your call-to-action is in line with your value proposition. You can also use a sub-headline CTA to confirm what’s going to happen.
CTA = Claim OfferSub-headline = Get your Free Oil Change Now

Straight up from the Ultimate 2019 Guide: Car Dealership Landing Pages
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