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PR & News Wow! CDK Acquires Roadster

Mar 21, 2012
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Pretty sure the Darwin deal is eminent. Different motivations than CDK buying Roadster in my opinion. Different product focus and MUCH larger client count. That might be a monumental number after the multiplier Roadster is rumored to have gotten:eek3:

Then I'm going to predict Reynolds and Reynolds is going to make a purchase. Modal, AutoFI, Gubagoo, CarNow… hmmmm…

Modal is tight with Honda. AutoFI is tight with Ford. With Toyota's launch of a digital retail solution and FCA's push of ORE (something is up there) it isn't infeasible to see more OEMs feeling pressured to become technology companies too.

That leaves Gubagoo or CarNow for ReyRey to grab. Knowing the leadership personalities of those two companies, my money is on Gubagoo going to ReyRey.

My question is who buys CarNow? They're not geographically far from CarGurus.
Darwin deal was just announced!