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Your website is unique and personalized to every customer. What does it do exactly?

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Manny Luna

Apr 10, 2011
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"Let's say you're starting an automotive website from scratch and you have some very savvy web designers, and you can literally mold your website so that it is completely unique and personalized to every customer.

What do you do and how do you do it? What "triggers" do you use to decide how and when your site changes? Where the customer lives? How many times they've viewed that car? What search terms they used on Google to get to your website?

What type of metrics like these can we actually track?

How does your website change based on these triggers? If they're near a competitor, do you highlight certain advantages your dealer has over that competitor (without mentioning their name obviously)? If someone's looked at one specific vehicle's VDP page for the 10th time, does it trigger a 1-hour countdown timer letting them fill out a form to save an additional $500 off of the eprice? "

What would you do specifically to make your website the ultimate conversion machine?

This is new ground and I think this thread could potentially spawn some amazing ideas that could change our industry for the better. There are some very intelligent people on this website and some of us have some wild ideas.

So let's hear 'em!

I did get the question, it would be nice to have a website built as the ultimate conversion machine.
My point is to master the basics first...

"Quality goes down because people spend too much time trying to do something big"
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