2021 Autotrader Close Rate Study

Resource 2021 Autotrader Close Rate Study 2021-03-02

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Lead Quality and Why It Matters More Now Than Ever.

Like so many industries, COVID-19 hit automotive hard during the first half of 2020, taking its toll on dealer close rates, sales, and of course, profits. A worldwide pandemic causing an uncertain economy and record-breaking unemployment and business closings will do that. But the question is, what can dealerships do to recover faster as things start to reopen?

It starts with your leads. Not how many you get each day, but whether they’re good, and how quickly your sales team can tell the difference. You may think that’s easy to do, but with all of the robocalls, shoppers who are excessively optimistic about their finances, people who provide false information, and a host of other types of bad leads, it’s not.
Alex Locklair
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