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  1. Dan Sayer

    Ford Dealers - Say goodbye to your DAS matching funds!

    Got word yesterday that matching DAS funds from Ford are going away so I ran our OEM vendor (L2T) down to $0 spend (we manage all other campaign spend "in-house" since Ford only required an OEM provider for DAS spend). They, FD, did mention though that we can now apply budget towards Service...
  2. C Dorman

    Right and Wrong

    I've seen a trend that's been bothering me for the past couple of days and had to get this off my chest. Respect and Professional Courtesy need to be earned, not assumed. Lately there have been a number of industry thought leaders calling for vendors to stop calling each other names, respect...
  3. mikesayre

    Inescapable & Bloated OEM Co-Op Ad Budgets

    I know there are a lot of DR people out there who were as extremely happy as I was about @Stauning posting this article on the blog about OEM co-op ad programs being out of control with wasteful over-spending, general inefficiency, and exorbitant management costs. Check it out if you haven't...
  4. mikesayre

    KIA denies co-op reimbursement for in-house PPC advertising

    Most of us here have a bad taste in our mouth when OEM's force things down our throat, like website vendors. The good news is that trend is dying for the most part. The latest on the digital advertising requirements from KIA isn't technically forcing dealers, but it's a clever workaround which...
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