facebook advertising

  1. Joe Friedrichsen

    Dealer Teamwork Everything You Need To Know About On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads

    As many of you may know, Facebook recently rolled Click to Marketplace Ads out of beta. These ads have been renamed to On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA). These ads appear in a carousel ad format just like standard Automotive Inventory Ads. However, this new Facebook...
  2. TaylorBerndt

    DIY: How to Create a Facebook Catalog Upload for FREE

    I want to start by saying I absolutely hate 3rd party vendors who overcharge for things that can easily be done in house. Pictures, Overlay, Rebates, and in this case Facebook catalog Upload! If you are unaware of what a Facebook catalog does, It virtually uploads all of your inventory up into...
  3. TabFlythe

    PR & News Dealer Authority Launches New Facebook Advertising Solution for Car Dealers

    Dealer Authority has launched a new Facebook Advertising solution to their digital marketing mix called Drip Marketing. Drip Marketing was created for automotive dealers that wish to re-engage the traffic that leaves their dealerships’ website without performing any type of conversion action...
  4. Alexander Lau

    Facebook has 50% fake traffic?

    Huh? The guy who lead the research created one of the early prototypes with Zuckerberg, while at Harvard. It's like agencies using Nielsen, because it's the only thing they had at the time. PlainSite Facebook Reality Check (PDF) What seems too good to be true often is. The zeitgeist has...
  5. Cars.com PR

    PR & News Cars.com Launches Social Targeting Product, Integrates AI Chat Solution at NADA 2018

    Cars.com reveals Cars Social to help dealers reach unique in-market shoppers on social media, Offers NADA special, gives Conversations™ to select dealers who visit Cars.com booth. CHICAGO – Cars.com™ (NYSE:CARS) announced today the launch of Cars Social, a new digital ad product that will help...
  6. ryan.gerardi

    Grab Shoppers’ Attention with Dynamic Inventory Ads: Right Message - Right Shopper - Right Time

    This is the full 'edited' version of the live DealerRefresh Web Chat with Dealer OMG and Hoot Interactive that originally aired in October 2017. WARNING: This is lengthly and highly technical, geared for advanced dealers and agencies alike. During this conversation we answer the following...
  7. ryan.gerardi

    Deals4Dealers $1500 Dealer Credit for Dynamic Display - Dealer OMG Introductory Offer

    As part of its webinar promotion, Dealer Online Marketing Group (DOMG) is offering DealerRefresh Members a $1500 CREDIT to Engage Car Shoppers With Dynamic Inventory Ads on Facebook & Google using the DOMG platform powered by Hoot Interactive for 3 months. > Go here now to learn more Benefits...
  8. ryan.gerardi

    DR Webinar Questions about Dynamic Inventory Ads on Facebook & Google

    Dynamically updated ads based on current dealer inventory are one of the hottest ad formats in automotive advertising right now. Not surprising, considering the dramatically improved targeting, relevancy, and performance these ads provide. The benefits of dynamic inventory ads on Facebook and...
  9. Chubbard

    Bad Facebook Data?

    This recent Wired piece about Facebook is concerning. Has anyone else noticed these issues, and if so, are you rethinking your ad-spend with them? Excerpt: "Last week, Facebook said it found flaws in the metrics it reported to advertisers—the measurements by which those advertisers judge the...
  10. MichaelJ

    Automated SEM Companies

    Does anyone have any experience with drivematic, an automated automotive PPC company? Apparently they run automated ads across text, display, video pre-roll and even Facebook with no long term contract. And does the concept of automating such ads make sense?