local seo

  1. Casey77

    Schema Markup for Vehicle Images

    Hello there! Dealers who are doing their SEO themselves, do you geotag your vehicle images? For example, your lot is located in Florida and you have these F-150 pictures uploaded to your website. You have probably included keywords like Ford F-series Florida into your content and meta so when...
  2. Itsallaboutthemoney

    New Helpful Google My Business Feature

    I glanced over the threads and haven't found the one about this comparatively new GMB feature which is called Menu. They introduced it in April. So, basically it is an ability to add a categorized list of your services within your Google My Business pages. There are sections, subsections, a...
  3. Andrew.K

    Google My Business: Irrelevant Photos

    Has anyone had luck choosing photos to display on SERPs for their Google My Business profile pages? Recently, Google has been overriding our photo choices and they've picked some terrible, user-submitted photos to show on SERPs. Our clients are understandably upset but when I call Google they...