1. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Is Your BDC Manager a Coach or a Cop?

    Your BDC Agents work in an environment that is vastly different from the sales floor. Sales reps are hard-wired to work a deal from the cradle to the grave, and everything they say is leading the customer towards a signature on a dotted line. BDC Agents may have the same end goal, but once the...
  2. CallingCorbyn

    AllCall Is Your Pipeline In Your Blind Spot?

    Your sales process only serves about 20% of your prospects. The rest are just beneath the surface, ready to be converted into appointments. It Starts With Management: It’s up to managers to thoroughly review the pipeline with sales and BDC reps. Reps tend to focus on what’s in front of them...
  3. Brian Michael West

    Practice Doesn't Make Perfect

    Perfect practice DOES make perfect. Learn the difference.
  4. Brian Michael West

    The misconception about millennials
  5. Mbarlow

    ELEAD1ONE Regional Sales Director - Service1One

    Locations: New York Area, Northeast U.S., Central Texas, California, DC/Atlantic About the Job ELEAD1ONE, the leading dealership software provider in the automotive space, has an immediate opening for a Regional Sales Director specializing solely in sales of the Fixed Operations product suite...
  6. ryan.gerardi

    DR Webinar How to Build Your Used Vehicle Acquisition Team the Right Way

    People are the greatest assets in dealership operations and Buy Centers are no exception to the rule. With personnel turnover rates exceeding 35-40% in the automotive industry as a whole, it’s critical to identify the right candidates for your buy centers, and then train, pay, and set objectives...
  7. cbautomotive

    BDC Manager / Internet Sales Manager - Morristown, NJ

    TOYOTA/SUBARU of Morristown, a family owned and operated Morris County Dealership is searching for an experienced BDC Manager. The Internet Manager will be dealing exclusively with leads generated by our internet sales initiatives including leads generated by our dealership’s website. Job...
  8. Catie.B

    New Internet Manager Questions

    I am not new to the car biz, but new to my position. I am looking to network and get input on the best practices around. I would like to hear about any good processes (as I am currently renovating ours), lead management tips, overcoming objections, whole nine yards. I want to hear any and...
  9. Marisa

    Social Media Marketing for my Dealership

    Hey everyone! So I am pretty new to everything; have only been in the car business for about a year now. My current dealership has offered me the position of Social Media Marketing. I have been doing research on what works the best and how to drive traffic into the dealership, but I want to...
  10. Jeff Kershner

    When do you AXE your TOP Sales Pro?

    Joe Webb just published an article over on the blog titled "Can you Kill a Sacred Cow? The Best of the Best." You really need to read it. Most dealers have a "sacred cow". You know... that sales pro that's responsible for 25+ sales each and every month. Typically they've been at the same...