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Email losers

Mitch Gallant

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Apr 6, 2009
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How do we think we can fix this? I also use Socket and would love to have better deliverability.

The PR of "they just don't care" can become enough to make them care if nothing else.

I am a few dealerships IT support consultant and one of my biggest culprits of this issue is DealerSocket.

While I have repeatedly opened cases for them and told them they have major issues, they just don't care. The largest problem is coming from their inability to send mail using other than their own domain and trying to use the dealerships domain. Something we can't change because they don't want emails flowing though their servers (it's cheaper and less maintenance that way) Google's Gmail and GSuite will see that as an SPF violation and put those messages into spam every single time!

In a test of over 100 emails from different dealerships, the result was the same - any emails generated by the salesperson went to spam

They just don't care!

Here is my example from the email header on how the google servers treat dealer mail coming from DealerSockets "[email protected]dealerurl.com" name from the SPF records.

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Mar 13, 2012
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Rick, I can't speak for everyone but a big part of any mail domain configuration is properly configuring the DKIM and SPF records that server as a type of signature like you mention below. Only DKIM and SPF are not for documents but rather confirming that the sender is indeed authorized to send from the domain in question.

I'm curious if any of the CRM's set up their dealers with a digital email signature. I wonder if that would help with deliverability to the inbox?

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