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Fake Buyback Events

Brian Michael West

Getting Refreshed
Jun 1, 2018
Los Angeles Area
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I've been working in the automotive social media industry for over a decade now, and the hottest trend is these 3rd Party "BUYBACK EVENTS" that drive little to zero results for thousands of dollars.

Managing dealerships all across the country and seeing them get roped into these garbage products is disturbing. The "BDC Rep" they assign to you is 99% of the time from another country and can't spell correctly, send incorrect information, or say things like "Ask for ________" (someone that doesn't work at the dealership).

My whole point of this thread is - stop falling for these promises of hundreds of leads. I've watched them fail for months now and I've kept quiet, but seeing dealerships in the middle of a pandemic struggle financially and be promised smoke and mirror marketing pisses me off. If you want quality social media management, quality leads, and quality content going out on your page - it isn't going to be from one of these third party events. Your customers aren't falling for it anymore.

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