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Is the Secret Sauce Spoiled?


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May 19, 2011
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The Chinese can see every credit card in the USA.
You are slowly catching up to Canada's level of security facade. Just wait for the new credit card laws to go into effect in the US.
The new laws state that the losses in fraudulent/theft transactions have to be covered by whichever party has the lowest technology.
All the retailers will upgrade to these chip cards and then you'll realize that it's not security for your benefit - chip cards are there to protect the credit card companies so they don't have to pay out on fraud if someone has your chip card and​ your PIN.

Apple Pay / Google Wallet may actually stand a chance and I'm curious how that will tie into Automotive, if at all. Shouldn't be a huge disruption, but I think it could be. I'll just place accessories all over the showroom with Tap To Pay signs on them and customers can just tap all the accessories and extended warranties they want.
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