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#RefreshFriday Managing through this TEMPORARY Inventory Crises | Steve Stauning

Jeff Kershner

May 1, 2005
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Steve the Sh*t Sandwich
Stauning joins is this week for RefreshFriday. We’re talking about what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT cut to get through this temporary inventory crisis. @Steve Stauning also wants to discuss Carvana and Vroom at the auto auctions, along with a few other newsworthy items. It's always fun and informative when Steve joins us.

And yes TEMPORARY will be a focus!

Join us LIVE on Facebook or YouTube Friday at 1PM - See you then!


Steve Roessler

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Feb 15, 2016
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@Steve Stauning Nice show today. Would certainly like to get you caught up with DriveCentric and connect so you are more familiar with our CRM. I'm glad you got experience as many people still have not. By the way, we work with some pretty high profile dealers like Walser, Lithia, Craig Zinn & Schomp Automotive just to name a few. We have almost 600 rooftops and continue to grow our technology. Hope we can connect to get you more familiar with the #LiveWithDrive message on helping dealerships talk to more customers to schedule more appointments.
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