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Text Us message conversion from Website and VDP?

Discussion in 'Websites, SEO, SEM, Display, Social, Marketing' started by Jeff Kershner, Dec 3, 2015.

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  1. Mark Daniels

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    There's one thing I realized over the years with a few exceptions.

    The "Text Us" CTA is weak for converting new business from your website (or other 3rd parties).

    Weak means it works, but there's about 20 more compelling CTAs to turn a visitor into a sales opportunity.


    It only makes sense, because it fails to follow a very universal rule.

    The WIIFM rule.

    What's in it for me?

    So you want me to text you, how is that helping me? What are you going to do with my information?

    Does that ever work? Online or Offline?

    Try it, run into the next person you see and tell them: "Text me" ... See how it goes. You might have a little work to do before they text you ;)

    The big mistake is thinking that the initial contact and communications are the same.

    There must be a high-value component that you can trade with your customers in order to get their most intimate communication channel.

    Once you have established a relationship, text can become very powerful when used the right way.

    What works

    Offer them to send an additional offer, value proposition through text. One they can't get anywhere else. I can tell you right away these leads will need some work to convert in sales. Just managing yo
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