1. Dan Sayer

    Coronavirus Dealer Relief - TrueCar just cut our rates by half for April. Who's next?

    I'm sure many of you received the email yesterday regarding TrueCar's move to offer some relief to dealers during this uncertain time. This was the core message from CEO Mike Darrow: At TrueCar, we recognize the hardship that the COVID-19 disruption is imposing on our valued Dealer partners...
  2. Jeff Kershner

    USAA ends partnership with TrueCar

    Anyone see the latest news around TrueCar and USAA? After a 13 year partnership, USAA unexpectedly dropped its partnership with TrueCar. USAA represents close to 29% of the vehicles sold by dealers to buyers who connect through the TrueCar marketplace. USAA has decided to stop providing the...
  3. Salik Ansari

    How much do online auto marketplaces (CarGurus, AutoTrader,, TrueCar) charge?

    Hello everyone I'm a stock research analyst (interested in US and Canadian equities) and have just started looking into the Online Automobile Marketplaces space to see if any stocks catch my eye. I have been trying to find the different plans these online auto marketplaces offer to dealers...
  4. Will-B

    PR & News Chip Perry (TrueCar) Announces Retirement

    I saw the article post this morning, and have a lot of friends that currently work for TrueCar. Not sure how many people here know him, but he's a genuinely good guy. I wish him the best throughout his retirement.
  5. Alexander Lau

    Looks like Honcker is hiring... Patrick McKeever VP of Sales and Business Development at Honcker Anyone affected by the recent TrueCar, Inc. layoffs, please reach out to Honcker Cars and/or me directly. We have a TON of exciting projects in the works...
  6. Jeff Kershner

    TrueCar settles lawsuit with California New Car Dealers Association

    SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Third-party lead-generation site TrueCar Inc. has agreed to settle a lawsuit leveled by the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA). To persuade the dealer association to drop the case, TrueCar agreed to switch from a per-sale compensation model to a flat...
  7. CARBIZ & Truecar inventory listing practices #Carvana #Vroom

    How does everyone feel about and Truecar advertising online inventories in your backyard? Between Carvana and Vroom there are almost 5,500 cars being advertised within 50 miles of my Baltimore location. In my opinion, this is hurting my business. We are already in an overly saturated...