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My Rant about DealerInspire.


Sep 4, 2019
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If you've got 10+ years of Wordpress dev under your belt, you're going to love the DI platform.
You mean all that time in front of the PC staring at Wordpress builds is finally going to make things easier? :)

Thanks for reaching out, I will certainly take your info down and be in touch I am sure!
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John V.

Getting Refreshed
Jan 15, 2015
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I tried DI for about 3 months. My takeaway was that it is meant for dealerships that have an ad agency or are willing to pay for 100% managed services. I cant write HTML. Bootstraps belong on boots, not my website editor. Update specials and slides in a timely fashion? forget it. Want to run 10% off model A, B, and C for just the weekend and have that price show online? Not going to happen unless you call their support team, hope they get it done right before they close, or have to wait until Monday for them to fix it.

We went back to DDC with Advanced Composer access. I would still be watching YouTube videos on what the hell "padding" means when trying to accomplish something that takes 30 seconds in DDC.

I am sure others have had success with it but for dealer managed sites, nothing beats DDC Composer and Inventory Manager that I have seen.
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