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Piss Poor User Experience / Usability

Alexander Lau

Sr. Refresher
Feb 11, 2015
Mars, PA
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There she bloooooooooooooooooooows!

I was browsing a random dealer site today and from start to finish I had the worst experience. The site had more pop-ups, rollovers, slide-ins and whizzbangs than I can handle. Once the page has finished loading, I prefer that it stay that way. I don't need constant pop-ups and dynamic content to engage me - I'm there to see the vehicle. Also on the SRP, vendor integrations all have to add their badge and it just creates a hideous experience where the last thing I see is the price of the vehicle.

Why is this still happening? This is bad for everyone.
The page perpetually loads for over a minute if you're a new visitor.
Ghostery almost had a heart attack trying to track all these scripts.

Tried browsing their site using Chrome's internet speed throttler - set it to a slower rural internet speed and you cannot even browse the site.

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