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QR Codes - In or Out?


Rust & Dust
Dec 22, 2009
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10 years later and dare I say, QR codes are making a comeback!

Restaurants across the US are ditching physical menus for online menus and subsequently training the public for us on how to use their phone's camera to scan the restaurant menu's QR code.

Now that a higher percentage of Americans know how to scan a QR code thanks to COVID, could there be a use case in the dealership where they make sense?

A QR code to easily leave an online review seems like just one of the possibilities.
I'm 100% positive that I commented on this thread back in the day head over heels in love with the idea of QR codes at the dealership.

To your point @Ryan Everson let's not forget how Snap Codes, Spotify Codes, et al. have pretty much made the idea of scanning something with your phone to accomplish a goal a fairly ubiquitous action. Add in that you don't need a dedicated app any longer and the fact that you can dress up / brand your QR codes more than you used to be able to — what you end up with is a much more viable mechanism for engaging a shopper than your did in 2010.

Just spitballing here, but what about a QR code that will allow an after hours tire kicker to be virtually greeted by your team, or watch a review video of the model they're looking at, or get a value on their trade? This took me all of 30 seconds to make, give it a scan :)
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Nov 21, 2010
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Well Phil, here we are 9 years later, niether you or I work for the same company we did when you first wrote this post, but we can still talk about QR Codes. I think the biggest change is that with a smart phone you no longer need an app to scan them. You can actually scan a QR code with the native camera on iphones and android devices to bring up the url that the QR code will take you too. Beeing a geek I know that, but not sure the average phone user knows how that works. Even so the largest automotive dealer group in the USA puts a QR code on every used vehciles window sticker telling the customer to "Scan for Price." I see this done by more and more Auto dealers so that they can always have the price on the vehicle (received by scanning QR Code) be consistant with the advertised price on their website. Nice job by dealers that do this to keep consistancey and pricing transparency. Even more important today than ever before.

It still may not be the most universdally used tool out there, but the company I work for is defineatly seeing more use of the QR code by Auto dealers. It's been over 9 years since Phil started this thread but it could be fun to talk about it again.
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Josh S

Green Pea
Jul 15, 2020
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I can honestly say I've never engaged and cannot remember a single instance in which I would have used a QR code in my everyday life until very recently. A few months go as we re-opened businesses here in BC I went to lunch at a local restaurant. Instead of physical menus, they simply had a QR code on the table that you scan to bring up their menu on your phone (removing all physical contact / possibility of transfer of Covid-19). It was actually pretty clever and very useful... I could see this becoming the norm moving forward (saves money, easier to update, less risk with the current pandemic).

Who knows, perhaps there are use cases at the dealership now (i.e: service?).
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