digital marketing

  1. cardealercopy

    Do dealers really even need writing to advertise?

    If you manage a car dealership or its marketing, you can help. Do dealers really even need much writing to advertise? If so, how? Car dealer sites don't have much writing, new or used, big or small. Most home pages don't even have 300 words. (You may know: in general, the recommended minimum...
  2. George Nenni

    Who are Best Canadian Digital Agencies?

    In working with Canadian dealer-customers, there are the known nuances/challenges with inventory feeds, kilometres, litres, email spam regulations, and French/English accommodations for required provinces. Who are the best purpose-built providers, or U.S. providers that have required accommodations?
  3. Alex Locklair

    Autotrader Digital marketing strategy for stimulus check and tax season

    By: Kevin LeSage, Director of Digital Marketing Optimism is rising in the auto industry, and the spring car sales season has begun! The March 8 edition of the Cox Automotive Dealer Sentiment Index shows an 11-point jump in the 90-day outlook index, which means that dealers believe the market...
  4. TabFlythe

    DealerAuthority The Easiest Way to Verify Your Dealership's Domain in Facebook Business Manager

    Anyone out there still waiting for their dealership's domain to be verified in Facebook Business Manager? Why wait? Our team at Dealer Authority has created a cheat sheet (and free email template for your website provider) to get your domain verified in 3 quick and easy steps. Don't wait on your...
  5. Allison.Phelps One Year Post-Launch, Industry Innovator FUEL™ Sets Benchmark for Digital Video Success in Auto

    FUEL Customers Prioritize New Digital Video Solution as Primary Marketing Tool as it Delivers Impressive Results, Including 2X the Average Click-Through Rate Compared to Industry Averages CHICAGO, Feb. 8, 2021 — FUEL, a Inc. company (NYSE: CARS) and a leading automotive digital video...
  6. TabFlythe

    DealerAuthority Apple's iOS 14 Update

    Have you heard about Apple's latest update for iOS14? Most likely you have, but if you haven't, I'll give you the elevator version: Apple's privacy settings will impact the audiences to which dealers can target their ads once iOS14 is live. iPhone users can opt-out of apps (like Facebook's)...
  7. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Switching Website Providers - What it Takes! w/ Jessica and Erika of Dealer Authority

    Dealer Authority touches all website providers and has helped many dealers move from one website provider to another. @JessicaRobertson and Erika Kay Simms are providing their expertise on what it takes to switch as some of you may contemplate a move with NADA around the corner. Tune in...
  8. TabFlythe

    DealerAuthority To buy-back, or not? That is the question.

    Inventory is tight right now - but are buy-back events the best course of action? In order to turn the event into a success, they have to be approached with the correct digital marketing strategy. There's some 'do's' but there are also some important 'don'ts' (seriously just don't). Our team...
  9. TabFlythe

    PR & News Dealer Authority Launches New Facebook Advertising Solution for Car Dealers

    Dealer Authority has launched a new Facebook Advertising solution to their digital marketing mix called Drip Marketing. Drip Marketing was created for automotive dealers that wish to re-engage the traffic that leaves their dealerships’ website without performing any type of conversion action...
  10. Dan Sayer

    Amazon Advertising - Relevant Now?

    Earlier this year I had a co-worker send me an article, that at the time I deemed "not yet", speaking of Amazon's ramp up of their Ad programs. The article claimed, "...for the first time, Google and Facebook’s combined share of digital ads will decrease this year. That’s because Amazon is...
  11. James Grace

    PR & News How Good is Your Dealership's Digital Marketing?

    It's my first post here on DealerRefresh since starting Wizely, so have mercy! (Is this the right spot for it?!) Wizely is launching a new Automotive Analytics Assessment tool that evaluates your dealership's digital marketing across 15-20 dimensions, assigns and grade, and gives you specific...
  12. Deavid Welson

    How can i improve Google ranking of my website in Search engine landing page ?

    Looking for the fastest way possible to help get our website to the first page of Google. If there was one thing that could help more than others and be the most efficient what would it be?
  13. TabFlythe

    DealerAuthority Inclusive Digital Ads

    Are you up-to-speed on the demographics that surround your dealership? And if so, do you have ads running that serves all of those demographics? You could be missing out on a chunk of your market simply because you don't have ads running that reaches these audiences. In our latest blog, we...
  14. Jeff Kershner

    What functionality would you like to share from your phone?

    Question(s) for the DR community.... What tools/functionality would you like to be able to share from your phone with leads or existing clients you are working besides these five? Inventory/vehicle detail page. Appointment page that allows shoppers to select a day/time to come in for a test...
  15. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Simmons Nissan and a Digital Retailing Success Story

    Tomorrow on RefreshFriday we have Carson Dorsett and Darren Haygood Carson is the Sales Manager at Simmons Nissan in Mount Airy, NC and is knocking “Digital Retailing” OUT OF THE PARK with Online Shopper. Selling on average 1 vehicle a way and absolutely adding to their volume of sales and...
  16. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority Custom Landing Pages

    So many OEMs are cracking down on what vendors can be utilized by their dealers. It's a tough choice, and sometimes there isn't a choice - we get that. Co-op is a crucial part of the functionality of the dealership. But what we want to point out is that sometimes you lose when you only look at...
  17. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority Cutting Edge or Cutting Corners in SEO

    Is your SEO vendor cutting edge or cutting corners? Can you find landing pages that look identical to another dealer using the same SEO provider? Where is your offsite content coming from? What are you paying for - custom content or syndicated? Can they give you proof of work upon immediate...
  18. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority Have you had your coffee yet?

    Good Morning DealerRefresh! ☕️ Dealer Authority is excited to announce that we have launched a NEW video series, Coffee+Conversions. SEO Strategist, Kayla Maneen and Social Strategist, Emily Bower will be hosting this series twice a month - chatting about all things digital marketing in the...
  19. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority Don't settle for syndicated content.

    Today was a disappointment in the social media advertising space. This afternoon several of our strategists noticed this ⤵️ video popping up on their feeds: Now, don't get us wrong - it's important to utilize the marketing tools that the OEM provides you (why wouldn't you!?) but the reason we...
  20. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority Third-Party Data & Social Media

    For those of you that are still skeptical of the benefits of social media, third-party data, and the power it can have in driving traffic and sales consider this: Recently, we reviewed a client’s social media analytics since implementing third-party data via Oracle in October of this year. The...