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  1. russellsizemore
    Fighting the Good Fight Every Day!
  2. ryan.gerardi
    Prepping for DD27 in August! Woot woot!
  3. ChrisH
    There is always more to learn, and also those you can help.
  4. Christine Plunkett
    Christine Plunkett
    Removing the FRIKTION from car sales transactions.
  5. Alex Snyder
    Alex Snyder
    Exploring Digital Retailing
  6. ryan.gerardi
    Counting on a STRONG FINISH for 2018!
  7. cenposChris
    CenPOS Sales Expert
  8. Tarry Shebesta
    Tarry Shebesta
    Helping customers find the right car at the right payment.
  9. pschnell
    Student of this crazy business - Thank you to all the professors.
  10. Dan Sayer
    Dan Sayer
    I wanted to be an engineer but somehow got stuck in the car biz...
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