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  1. mcorrera
    Landed an awesome spot with the Oremor Auto Group rebuilding and rebranding a Chevy store in Riverside CA. #LetsDoThis ;)
  2. trearden
  3. mkeesee
    Strive for Progress NOT Perfection
  4. mikesayre
    Your mileage may vary.
  5. ktheisen
    Learning and sharing best practices to make us all better at helping our customers.
  6. dentman333
    dentman333 admin
    Can't seem to get on the main website
  7. mcorrera
    Looking for my next opportunity to shine and lead with Positivity and an eye on the future of the car biz.
  8. mikeelmore
  9. Alexander Lau
    Alexander Lau
  10. Jeff Kershner
    Jeff Kershner NHHarleyguy
    John, thanks for commenting. I'm sure Joe will appreciate it. You may want to hold onto all those notes though. ;-)
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