1. TaylorBerndt

    Facebook Ad's not getting approved

    Hey everyone. I just switched our store over the DealerOn for our website and I am having an impossible time getting any Facebook ad's approved when I have a See more details that directs them to our website. Has anyone had this issue? How do I fix it? I'd much rather have them buy off our...
  2. georgenenni

    Facebook reviews: Formula & Timing?

    Does anyone have knowledge or experience with influencing Facebook reviews/ratings? In late 2018 FB converted from actual star-ratings to "recommend" or "doesn't recommend", along with "other data signals" to calculate a star-rating. I've got a dealer-customer who has had strong recent success...
  3. Joe Friedrichsen

    Dealer Teamwork Are Dealers Measuring These 8 Facebook & Instagram KPIs?

    Having trouble understanding how your dealer's digital campaigns are performing? If so, you're not alone. This is a common challenge for dealers and advertisers in general. To help you out, I compiled a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are MOST HELPFUL for dealers so they can...
  4. TabFlythe

    Events & Workshops Seriously, ask us anything.

    This coming Monday (December 16th) at 2:00 PM EST our CEO Tyson Madliger will be going live on the Dealer Authority Facebook Page. Why do you ask? So you can literally ask us anything! Things like: Does third party data really make a difference in Facebook campaigns? Does my dealership really...
  5. Brian Michael West

    Conspiracy Time: Facebook Reactions Affect Engagement and Exposure

    So I've been quietly wondering lately about Facebook reactions and whether they may affect your post's engagement and exposure. The question: Do you think "Angry" and "Sad" reacted posts are pushed down in the Facebook algorithm to reduce negative content on feeds? I'm a firm believer that...
  6. John V.

    HootSuite and Other Social Media Fluff

    I'll keep it short and simple: Is there a legit FREE alternative to HootSuite? Can it post to FB, Insta, and Twitter all at ounce? Can I plug in feeds I want to follow and post to 4 different business pages with one login? I am cheap, so if you are 3rd party trying to sell me your services...
  7. EmilyJSpellman

    Brand new to the industry- HELP!

    Hey! I am absolutely brand new to the auto industry and was just hired by a dealership as their Digital Marketing Manager. I am coming from a multi-faceted background. For many years I worked in marketing and communications for non-profits where I handled mostly designing, email marketing...
  8. C

    Cars.com BREAKING sold this week

    We recently began using Cars.com again earlier this year after dropping them a couple years back: What a difference: they have transformed to a complete solution, but more importantly our measured ROI makes large leaps as we began using more products because they interplay between them. As most...
  9. Alexander Lau

    Facebook has 50% fake traffic?

    Huh? The guy who lead the research created one of the early prototypes with Zuckerberg, while at Harvard. It's like agencies using Nielsen, because it's the only thing they had at the time. PlainSite Facebook Reality Check (PDF) What seems too good to be true often is. The zeitgeist has...
  10. Dane Saville

    Interesting Facebook Reviews Update

    What are your thoughts on the update to Facebook's reviews? Does this make it easier for fallacious claims? Or does this update benefit dealers because Recommendations are more trackable? Just for the sake of conversation, here's a quick breakdown of the update and my thoughts on it: Ratings...
  11. georgenenni

    Best Practices for helping dealers avoid pixel-data-miners?

    And I use the term pixel loosely. A very enlightened Refresher turned me on to the Ghostery Chrome app, I've got that stacked along with the Facebook Pixel Helper app, my goal is to help dealers get clarity on who may be harvesting website visitors for competitive-conquesting purposes. Any...
  12. georgenenni

    Mosquito Ads on Multiple Cadillac Dealers’ Facebook Ads?

    Heard from a Cadillac customer this morning, not happy with his FB page. Check out this post to an article about using human blood to poison mosquitos. This same post I found on multiple Caddy dealer sites. I can’t imagine real people are seeing these posts. Dealers spending thousands on digital...
  13. Alexander Lau

    Facebook to Test Pre-Roll Video Ads Ahead of Watch Shows

  14. Koton

    What are the best Facebook Apps to install on your business page?

    Hello Dealer Refresh, I have recently been updating and starting to manage the Facebook page at our dealership as it was being neglected before I started. I have been given admin access to make updates, and was wondering what apps you guys have installed that help with your Facebook. I would...
  15. Shelby Tatomir

    Facebook Advertising Questions for Dealers

    How much do you spend on boosting organic content (page posts) each month on Facebook? If you're utilizing lead ads on Facebook, what content are you putting into those lead ads and how are you targeting the audience? (custom audiences, lookalikes, saved audiences) Any advice is appreciated!
  16. Jason@nabthat

    Segmenting Audiences in Google & Facebook

    Just wanted to get an understanding from the forum on how dealers and their ad agencies are currently utilizing segmentation in Google Analytics/Adwords & Facebook to better deliver ads to their appropriate customer base. We have noticed when setting up goals and segments for dealers that the...
  17. Patrick Buren

    Has anyone had success with Tecobi

    I just sat through a webinar with a texting company Tecobi. The company utilizes Facebook form lead submissions with phone numbers and instantly texts these customers. There BDC robot handles the lead until you are able to chat with the customer. In turn they are roughly around $18-$27 per lead...
  18. Chubbard

    Bad Facebook Data?

    This recent Wired piece about Facebook is concerning. Has anyone else noticed these issues, and if so, are you rethinking your ad-spend with them? Excerpt: "Last week, Facebook said it found flaws in the metrics it reported to advertisers—the measurements by which those advertisers judge the...
  19. umer.autojini

    Facebook: Carousel ads can now have dynamic ads from product set

    One of the missing features from Facebook Carousel ads is now available to advertisers. One can fill carousel ads with products from product set without the campaign objective being Promote Product Catalog. Yea... finally... https://www.facebook.com/business/help/773889936018967. So now one...
  20. Marisa

    Social Media Marketing for my Dealership

    Hey everyone! So I am pretty new to everything; have only been in the car business for about a year now. My current dealership has offered me the position of Social Media Marketing. I have been doing research on what works the best and how to drive traffic into the dealership, but I want to...