1. nickhilinemotors

    Help with EDMUNDS CARCODE Leads and Admin

    I work at a small dealership and so it's literally just me and one other salesperson who is like quickdraw mcgraw on the Edmunds CarCode leads (its setup for the first responder to get the lead) - He obviously doesnt care about me getting any of the leads so I'm wondering if there is a way I can...
  2. Alex Snyder

    Resource Become an Internet Dealership Version 1.0

    Learn from Matthew Haiken of Prestige Volvo who removed the negativity from his stores, empowered all of his salespeople, promoted his Internet managers, and discovered the path to faster YES's is through consistent price and payment presentations through every step of the process. He also...
  3. Retail My Ride

    CarGurus suspends free dealer listing option

    Understandable move. Important to protect/incentivize paying dealers to stay on pay plan. Anyone know what percentage of dealers are on their free Restricted (aka Basic) listing plan? Will no longer receive customer leads (more lead volume available for payers)
  4. Christopher Reggie

    CarGurus Stealing Leads?

    Dealers - ITS TIME TO LOCK DOWN YOUR WEBSITE! Across the automotive industry, many dealers are utilizing a CarGurus third-party endorsement badge on their dealership’s website. According to CarGurus’ website, third party endorsement badges help dealers, “close more sales by showing customers...
  5. RossS

    Decent Lead Validation Service

    I am trying to find a lead validation service that could integrate with our CRM (Dealersocket). Something that will let our internet agents know right away if the phone numbers and emails are valid or fake, so they can prioritize the real leads. So far all I can find are not industry specific...
  6. Alexander Lau

    Lead Ads On YouTube

    I remember companies that hacked videos (dynamically, until Google put the kaibosh on them) for lead submissions back in the early 2000's. I think LeadPages were one of them. It was only a matter of time before Google injected in lead ads...
  7. John Colascione

    Deals4Dealers Something New; I Call it TurboListings

    In case anyone would like to try something new, in 2015 when Craigslist began charging fees to post in the dealer section I built my own API posting software system to post vehicles. To optimise the listings, I then built-in something called a vehicle similarities database so when the system...
  8. April Andresen

    Best lead sources in your opinion

    Hi everyone! It's my first time posting in here but I've found the threads to be very helpful. I wanted to ask the question of best lead sources based on your experience with them on a platform where I feel I'll get the most honest and helpful answers. I'm the BDC/Digital Manager for the...
  9. Catie.B

    What Lead Sources are Truly Working?

    Hey guys! I haven't bee too active in a while but I have an age old question yet again. What lead sources are you using and what's truly working? We have used many over the years but I am now going through a buy/sell and I'm looking to have some fresh new ideas. We plan to keep AutoTrader and...
  10. ed.brooks

    I know you want more leads, BUT -

    If you concentrate on driving leads from sites that are primarily Price driven (one of the New Four Ps of Automotive Marketing), are you missing out? For more insights download The Cars.com Guide to the New Four Ps of Automotive Marketing...
  11. Alexander Lau


    I am starting to see many dealers use this tool. http://carfetch.com Search 1000’s of WEBSITES with ONE CLICK! Fetch it. Blazing Fast. Find your New or Used vehicle at the best possible price. Is anyone using this? Looks like aggregation (probably done through scraping) that is sorted by price...
  12. ilana.zur

    How is chat most valuable for you?

    I'm doing some research and I was wondering what's the most valuable thing about chat for you? Is it mostly for leads, service, or customer experience? Maybe all? No need to name specific vendors, just looking for general information! Thanks in advance, DR community!
  13. Harry Kasparian

    Good Merchandising will cost you 400% on Cargurus

    Some backstory: We’re an extremly large pre-owned franchise wanting to break ground in the U.S. More precisely, Florida, Miami. (Yeah, we kind of DID chose one of the more aggressive markets of the nation to test the waters) We’re however quite proud of what we were able to achieve over the...
  14. Chris Leslie

    How Early Lead Capture Cuts Ad Costs and Increases Sales

    @Ilana wrote a really interesting post on the main site and thought it would make a great discussion topic. I personally tend to agree with what she is saying as far as getting the conversion fast and early. Once you have something you can start to do something. Without it, you have nada...
  15. Colby Joyner

    Help How do I engage with customers when I cant get ahold of them!

    OK, Backstory - I work at a Chevrolet dealership and I am the Internet Director. I am currently trying to revamp the "dept". Before I started we had a round robin through all sales staff. After I was promoted we went to a straight Internet Dept with 4 salespeople. We get on avg 800 leads per...
  16. DrewAment

    Exit Widget - Gift Card Offer

    I have a dealership that is looking for an "exit widget" that functions similar to HookLogic (which is more an intro/interruption widget). Since HL overlays at the beginning of a shoppers inventory views - it sort of defeats the purpose. I need something that "Hooks" them as/if they leave the...
  17. Jeff Kershner

    Which ad source gets credit for the sale?

    Which ad source gets credit for the sale? Our industry loves to credit the sale to the originating ad source that provided the first in lead. Our CRM's have promoted this behavior. Which ad source receives credit for the sale at your dealership? Why?
  18. Jeff Kershner

    What is a Check In Hand WORTH?

    If a 3rd party (eg lead provider, website, etc) could deliver a customer to the front door of your dealership, with a check in hand, on an in-stock vehicle...DONE-DEAL, what would that be worth to YOU / Dealer? This is not a leading questions. Rather a conversation that came about between...
  19. Chris Leslie

    CDK Sites Launch New Price Watch Button

    So yesterday I was doing some changes to one of our sites and I see that on our VDP's there is a new button that says "Price Watch". I click it and it pops open a nice little box that says to enter my email address to get updates when the price of this vehicle changes. I'm thinking to myself...