1. John__S

    Does Asking Customers for Voice Reviews Make Sense?

    Listening to a podcast the other day and the host asked for "voice memos" to be sent to an email address. It got my brain going 100MPH because that's how it works and I was wondering if asking customers for VOICE REVIEWS would make sense for an auto dealership. What do you think? Because I am...
  2. georgenenni

    Facebook reviews: Formula & Timing?

    Does anyone have knowledge or experience with influencing Facebook reviews/ratings? In late 2018 FB converted from actual star-ratings to "recommend" or "doesn't recommend", along with "other data signals" to calculate a star-rating. I've got a dealer-customer who has had strong recent success...
  3. Dan Sayer

    Google halts New Reviews, Review Replies, and Q&A due to COVID-19?

    My FordDirect rep sent me this link yesterday after trying to figure out why wasn't working. This line and the bottom struck me as odd. I went to my local DMV site to...
  4. flosho

    Soliciting Positive Service Reviews

    Our sales department does an excellent job providing exceptional customer service and making a happy customer when they come in to purchase their new-to-them BMW or Mercedes, etc. It's "easy" to have a happy customer that leaves a 5-star review. On the flip side, we have a service department...
  5. Dane Saville

    Interesting Facebook Reviews Update

    What are your thoughts on the update to Facebook's reviews? Does this make it easier for fallacious claims? Or does this update benefit dealers because Recommendations are more trackable? Just for the sake of conversation, here's a quick breakdown of the update and my thoughts on it: Ratings...
  6. Matt Murray

    Deals4Dealers Do you get reviews?

    Widewail helps dealers manage online customer reviews. We monitor the most powerful online review sites including Google, Facebook,, DealerRater and Edmunds for any new reviews received by our customers, responding on behalf of the business. You can choose to have us monitor and...
  7. jon.berna

    The most amazing review in automotive history

    What more do I need to say? @Jeff Kershner you are a god among men. Link:
  8. Steve Stauning

    Deals4Dealers Free Referrals App for Salespeople (Currently in Beta)

    Salespeople who sign up and use Krutchit during the beta period will enjoy all of the current and planned functionality for free! Currently, Krutchit allows salespeople to enter a name and email of any current or former customer to request a quick, personal review. The review can then be...
  9. bpreston

    Sales Person Reviews

    I apologize if this is in the wrong section. We mainly try to push Google reviews at our dealerships, but are looking for a way for our Sales People to be able to easily share them with customers. I know has Sales Person pages where you can view the reviews they were tagged in...
  10. PR

    PR & News Announces Latest Feature to Enhance Car Shopping Experience now the only third-party site connecting consumers directly to individual salespeople at the dealership CHICAGO, September 12, 2017 – (NYSE:CARS) is announcing its latest car shopping feature, Salesperson Connect, which helps connect dealership salespeople directly to...
  11. ed.brooks

    I know you want more leads, BUT -

    If you concentrate on driving leads from sites that are primarily Price driven (one of the New Four Ps of Automotive Marketing), are you missing out? For more insights download The Guide to the New Four Ps of Automotive Marketing...
  12. Jeff Kershner

    When is it time to hire a PR Firm? Napleton Infiniti

    I'm sure by now most of you have seen or read what is going on with Napleton Infiniti - Be sure to check out their position and "apology" and the 100's of comments. If you're not familiar, Napleton Infiniti I guess decided it would be a good idea to use...
  13. v8apps

    Does anyone have metrics on testimonials

    So the question here is Is it better to have a video testimonial on a dealer's website vs text testimonial We all know from an SEO perspective, text is better, but what about user experience on the website Do any of the vendors or dealers in this forum have any stats on this?