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Matthew Davis

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Mar 24, 2020
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Going full circle here but thanks for having me Matt, Alex & TradePending!

Definitely a huge response from our customers - they ate this content up!
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Aug 25, 2022
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Thank you guys for the insight on this! It has been a battle for some time to get dealerships on board with running Facebook ads since the Marketplace change last year. I have approached a few of my clients with creating a TikTok account, and am met with a lot of push back because they still see it as a platform for people they don't sell to, which we all know is not the case. Millennials are the target buyers right now, and they make up a huge percentage of the user base on TT.

Speaking on issues with Facebook, we are already seeing Facebook block out dealership business postings to the Marketplace. In almost every market all of the vehicle listings are from private sellers, or posted from a sales person's personal Facebook account. The only way to get into Marketplace as a dealership is through sponsored ads. Although, I have heard some success stories with personal marketplace listings, as long as the user is keeping up with the messages.

As for running ads on Facebook, this takes a lot of work to get started, and each day I am seeing dealerships with ineligible Facebook accounts due to restrictions or lost permissions. Facebook has really started to crack down on users who have had banned pages/accounts in the past and are pushing restrictions to new pages they have created. While most third party marketing companies will still run ads for the dealership they are doing so through their own Facebook ad accounts. Which means all of that valuable data is going to the third party company instead of the dealership. Which in turn makes the dealership dependent on runnings ads with that company only, or having to start at square one with ROI numbers.

Bottom line, it is better to get in at ground level with TT ads because come the beginning of the new year we are most likely going to see a huge downward trend with Facebook ad results. Case in point, Facebook's specific Automotive Ad for dealerships has one of the worst ROI, and most third party companies do not even run that type of ad.

Marc Lavoie

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Jan 3, 2019
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Hey @ccrisp I'm glad you found it useful! I feel like we left so many things out since we had so little time.

You're right to be looking for alternatives to FB. Although there are lots of ways to get amazing ROI, looking for new trends (insert TikTok) can be great too.

We have an opportunity to build followings and there's still time to do it while it's easy.