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  1. Denis Yanov

    Deals4Dealers Looking to help 5 dealerships with their social media for FREE!

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing great, considering the current economic situation! Me and my team are currently launching a project and we have only 5 spots left. We will offer 5 dealerships 1 free month of social media management. You do not have to pay anything, nor is this in any...
  2. Marc Lavoie

    What are the Top 2020 Superbowl Car Commercials?

    I want to share my secret technique to predict with 100% accuracy who's going to win the Super Bowl. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. But before I do, I'm going to ask you a question: What brand is going to make the during the BIG GAME? We already know we're going to...
  3. J

    OEM Advertising GEO-guidelines

    Hi everyone. I'm wondering if someone can lend some information regarding OEM-level GEO-advertising guidelines. For example, if I'm a franchise Ford dealer, does Ford restrict me from advertising in certain geographical areas? Or perhaps someone can advise me in terms of who/where to ask this...
  4. Ben B

    Social Media Manager Payscale

    Hey everyone, I am trying to determine how I should be getting paid or what I should be getting paid. I am in the process of completing my E-Marketing and Design degree.The store I am at currently has about 350 new and used. Currently I handle -Social media accounts youtube, facebook, instagram...
  5. Jeff Kershner

    Bad Bad BAD Advertising IDEAS - Add to the list

    I was looking for something, I don't even remember after seeing this sales ad/price on this dealerships website... It drive me crazy seeing 84 month financing, and then 84 month financing on a 4 year old vehicle... What crazy ads have you seen that are just bad for the business?
  6. erika_simms

    DealerAuthority Don't settle for syndicated content.

    Today was a disappointment in the social media advertising space. This afternoon several of our strategists noticed this ⤵️ video popping up on their feeds: Now, don't get us wrong - it's important to utilize the marketing tools that the OEM provides you (why wouldn't you!?) but the reason we...
  7. mikesayre

    Inescapable & Bloated OEM Co-Op Ad Budgets

    I know there are a lot of DR people out there who were as extremely happy as I was about @Stauning posting this article on the blog about OEM co-op ad programs being out of control with wasteful over-spending, general inefficiency, and exorbitant management costs. Check it out if you haven't...
  8. AutoAng

    Deals4Dealers Not Valid

    Can't Delete Post
  9. Jeff Kershner

    Google Project Beacon #findoutwhy

    Received this in the mail today... It's a beacon, from Google. So I googled it.... About Project Beacon by Google Google is piloting a program where we send beacons to businesses with physical locations to make their venues more visible to customers with mobile devices. The program is...
  10. Brian Pasch

    Cable TV Advertising Survey for Auto Dealership Managers

    Cable companies are evolving their product offerings with digital advertising strategies for auto dealers. As more consumers "cut the cord" dealers can now advertise on multiple devices and follow local consumers everywhere! Consumers love the exclusive content that cable offers and dealers can...
  11. Alex Snyder

    Location is the ad source of the unenlightened

    I almost wrote the title of this thread as "Location is the ad source of morons," but that's not a fair statement. Usually, your CRM provider is the one who sticks location into the listing of advertising sources and they're not all morons :itsok: So dealers, do you believe you should leave...
  12. Jeff Kershner

    New Ad Blocker for Google Chrome

    Google turns on their default adblocker within the Chrome Browser. If you're the user of the latest Chrome browser, moving forward some of the more most intrusive types of ads are now going to be blocked automatically. Define intrusive: ads including full-page prestitial ads, flashing animated...
  13. ryan.gerardi

    Sponsored Content Advertising on DealerRefresh - Share Your Feedback Here

    In response to a member's recent expressed concern over Sponsored Content Advertising on DealerRefresh, there doesn't seem to be a better time than now to open up a discussion about it. It's something we've put off doing for too long. While we could spend time building a case for why media...
  14. PR

    PR & News Kicks Off Aggressive Fourth Quarter Marketing Campaign

    Leading online automotive marketplace launches new multi-media advertising campaign to close the year strong CHICAGO, September 29, 2017 – (NYSE:CARS), a leading online automotive marketplace, announced today the launch of a new multi-media advertising campaign that will amplify the...
  15. Carluminati

    PAID Google Post vs FREE Google Post

    So I have been using GOOGLE POSTS for a few weeks now, and I get there right from within my Google My Business Dashboard - they are free, and not tied to any website provider. Look at the ad Dealer eProcess sent me about the same service, except it's not free from DEP, they charge $299 for...
  16. Shelby Tatomir

    Facebook Advertising Questions for Dealers

    How much do you spend on boosting organic content (page posts) each month on Facebook? If you're utilizing lead ads on Facebook, what content are you putting into those lead ads and how are you targeting the audience? (custom audiences, lookalikes, saved audiences) Any advice is appreciated!
  17. Jason@nabthat

    Segmenting Audiences in Google & Facebook

    Just wanted to get an understanding from the forum on how dealers and their ad agencies are currently utilizing segmentation in Google Analytics/Adwords & Facebook to better deliver ads to their appropriate customer base. We have noticed when setting up goals and segments for dealers that the...
  18. mikesayre

    KIA denies co-op reimbursement for in-house PPC advertising

    Most of us here have a bad taste in our mouth when OEM's force things down our throat, like website vendors. The good news is that trend is dying for the most part. The latest on the digital advertising requirements from KIA isn't technically forcing dealers, but it's a clever workaround which...