google analytics

  1. Dan Sayer

    Did anyone else see AutoTrader Referral traffic tank in GA?

    Without going into the Classified vendor debate, did anyone with AutoTrader notice the Referral traffic (as labeled as Referral) tanked in the last 45 days? After digging into it, pushing the issue with them, insisting they check their UTM structure, I received this email from a regional rep...
  2. Rick Buffkin

    Question about Safari ITP 2.1 (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) and Google Analytics

    Hi guys. I have a quick question for the group here. I saw a post on my Linkedin feed talking about Safari ITP 2.1. It appears that this version of Safari (it's still in beta) is going to cap Client Side cookies that use document.cookie API to 7 days of storage. I'm wondering how this is going...
  3. georgenenni

    General Motors Referral Traffic Falls off a Cliff?

    I've been posting examples of this issue on LinkedIn but wanted to share here in case some folks can shed some light. For Cadillac, Buick/GMC and Chevrolet dealers, I'm seeing a dramatic drop in Referral traffic from the OEM websites, but can't figure out why? Both sites are secure (https:)...
  4. georgenenni

    Guide for UTM-tagging URLs

    I take so much from the Dealer Refresh site, always want to make sure I'm sharing enough. I share the document below nearly every day with some new digital agency who can't seem to figure out how to properly UTM-tag campaign URLs. Click here to download: Feel free...
  5. ed.brooks

    No Google Analytics in 2018

    I was in a multi-make franchise dealership yesterday and I asked the Digital Marketing Manager if they had Multi-Channel Funnels set up in Google Analytics with conversion goals, etc. He then pulled up their dashboard... I said, "no, in Google Analytics..." and he replied that they...
  6. georgenenni

    Automotive-websites holding dealers' Google Analytics history hostage?

    Ugh. Come on, really? Major automotive website companies (nameless at the moment), ad agencies also, telling dealers, "Sorry we can't transfer Admin for your Google Analytics, since we own that." So the dealer doesn't own their historical website performance stats? Aren't they paying you to...
  7. georgenenni

    Drop in Referral traffic from to DDC Websites?

    Has anyone seen a sharp decrease in referral traffic from to websites? I have a Ford dealer I'm working with who was averaging 78 referrals from In November this sharply dropped to 5 referrals, and in December they only received 2. I'm not seeing any corresponding...
  8. Alexander Lau

    Track Users who are Offline in GA The steady increase in mobile use over the last years has introduced some new challenges for web analytics. It’s not just about mismatches in the tracking model (the concept of sessions is even more absurd for...
  9. Jason@nabthat

    Segmenting Audiences in Google & Facebook

    Just wanted to get an understanding from the forum on how dealers and their ad agencies are currently utilizing segmentation in Google Analytics/Adwords & Facebook to better deliver ads to their appropriate customer base. We have noticed when setting up goals and segments for dealers that the...
  10. C

    Google Events for sites

    I know there were some people who were looking for events to build their GA goals around. I managed to get them to send me a rough key that I figured everyone could use: Google event name Details Inventory Detail Media Tabs - User interactions with...
  11. C

    Google Analytics Goals setup

    I am new to the auto industry and I am trying to setup goals in Google analytics for our sites. Anyone have any idea how to do this or what event actions/labels I can use to setup the goals?
  12. Miles Olson

    Google Analytics Tracking - Website Event Triggers

    I am trying to compile a somewhat comprehensive list of Google Analytics event triggers for the common dealer website platforms. For example, automatically fires an event trigger (category="mycars-register") for users who provide contact info for "Get Price Alerts". They fire...
  13. Alexander Lau

    List of Google Analytics Goals per Automotive Web Platform

    This probably doesn't exist (considering the vast amount of automotive web platform providers), but a list of best practices and / or Google Analytics Goal standards (plenty of fixed URLs and request URIs / uniform resource identifier and even dynamically generated -- generally stay the same per...
  14. Alexander Lau

    OEM and Tier 2 Website Referral Lists

    I'm looking to filter a ton of OEM and Tier 2 referrals within Google Analytics. Does anyone have a good (aggregate) list of these? Much appreciated. Thanks in advance!