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  1. RefreshFriday Ep. 32 on Digital Retailing with Brian Pasch and Cliff Banks

    RefreshFriday Ep. 32 on Digital Retailing with Brian Pasch and Cliff Banks

    Brian Pasch and Cliff Banks discuss digital retailing for car dealers with Alex Snyder and Jeff Kershner. Does Digital Retailing exist? Will it ever be ach...
  2. Greg Spencer

    Cox Auto's DR package Esntial Commerce?

    Cox Automotive has rolled out an online sales package called Esntial Commerce, with the first client being the Penske Automotive Group. Does...
  3. Brian Michael West

    Mandatory Digital Retailing tool for Nissan Dealers through CarSaver?

    Nissan is tapping CarSaver for a mandatory digital retailing offering on all websites....but what happens when a dealer says no? I've been hearing rumors of dealers rejecting the $1,900/mo digital retailing tool and Nissan pressuring them with showing only MSRP on NissanUSA's website. Can...
  4. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Steve Stauning - Annoying Business Phrases.. and other grumbles

    Awwww… look at that innocent @Steve Stauning - Not sure we can use that “i” word anymore If you don’t know who Steve Stauning is, you can check out his author page on Amazon. That’s where his photo came from. When Steve is on we always have a fun time punching holes in the unspoken truths...
  5. Ryan Everson

    Digital Retailing on Third Party Sites?

    Whether dealers like it or not, third party sites like AutoTrader/ are often the first online destination for car shoppers. As digital retailing becomes more prevalent and consumers begin to demand/expect it, how will this affect third party listing sites? Here are five...
  6. Jeff Kershner

    PR & News Prices Up, Selection Down - Shoppers Say.

    Latest CarGurus survey indicates how the pandemic has affected when, how and why consumers shop for cars. Consumers perceive vehicles as costing more now than last spring. Shoppers assume the great deals during the early days of the pandemic are over. More than one in four expected higher...
  7. Alex Locklair

    Autotrader Now and beyond COVID-19: At-home vehicle shopping, sales and service

    Now and beyond COVID-19: At-home vehicle shopping, sales and service Kevin LeSage, Director of Digital Marketing, Autotrader COVID-19 has forced the automotive industry to shift business strategies at an unprecedented rate to meet consumer needs. Seemingly overnight, Americans received...
  8. Jeff Kershner

    PR & News Online used-car seller Shift to go public in Q3 joining Vroom and Carvana

    Online used-car seller Shift Technologies Inc. plans to go public in the third quarter, looking to ride the momentum of rivals Carvana Co. and Vroom Inc., whose valuations have jumped as the pandemic propels them past traditional dealers. Highlights from the article include: Shift would go...
  9. TimKelly

    Automotive Digital Retail is missing something: YOU

    Every car deal involves numbers, the dollars and cents of the deal. When numbers are presented, customers react. This has been happening since the first car was sold. With current automotive digital retail tools, we lose the rudimentary act of gauging a customer's reactions. Essentially...
  10. Joe Friedrichsen

    Dealer Teamwork Tru Images President: Libraries Contribute to Global Warming

    Check out this fun interview Dealer Teamwork did with Tru Images President, Glen Garvin. Glen discusses subjects like libraries and Global Warming, the U.S. Postal Service and some automotive talk about topics like digital retailing. Give it a watch.
  11. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Conspiracy Theories, Eating bats, GMB, orange men & Digital Retailing | w/ Eric Miltsch

    @Eric Miltsch joins us to shoot the sh!t about what’s happening in the world today. NOTHING IS OFF THE TABLE <---- you’ve been warned. Conspiracy theories, eating bats, orange men, digital retailing, sweat pants, murdering family, etc... Maybe not in that order. And for those of you who need a...
  12. Ben B

    Looking for an alternative to Dealertrack

    We are looking for an application or DMS that we can have customer's fill out documents and sign them similar to docusign. Dealertrack does not have the capability to preload customer info and send it to the customer for signatures. Any help is appreciated.
  13. mikesayre

    Question on Digital Retailing.. Could displaying payments on your website scare off customers?

    Example: Interested shopper looking at a vehicle online, wants a $450 payment, but sees $550 on your website, is appalled.. leaves, never comes back. This is a big concern for some dealers. The argument being why display payments and risk losing a sale when you don't have to? If the vehicle is...
  14. Christine Plunkett

    Digital Retailing: Just a New Objection?

    A few years ago, tech company managers were sitting around a room, and someone started lamenting about a bad experience they had buying a car… and someone else nodded their head… and by the end of the meeting, they had decided that customers don’t want to buy cars from dealers anymore; customers...
  15. Jeff Kershner

    #RefreshFriday Simmons Nissan and a Digital Retailing Success Story

    Tomorrow on RefreshFriday we have Carson Dorsett and Darren Haygood Carson is the Sales Manager at Simmons Nissan in Mount Airy, NC and is knocking “Digital Retailing” OUT OF THE PARK with Online Shopper. Selling on average 1 vehicle a way and absolutely adding to their volume of sales and...
  16. Jim Leman

    Seeking Comments on Website Trade Eval Tools

    Good morning -- I am currently working on an article that will take a look at in-dealership trade-in processes and the role of website trade evaluation tools. I am looking to speak with dealers to learn their experiences with these website tools and how these evaluations compare to in-store...
  17. John V.

    Digital Retailing for Dealers - What are your results?

    *If there is a thread out there that is similar to this please send me the link* Not looking to get into a long draw out discussion about Digital Retailing (DR). I personally think it scares your customers away but that is just my stubborn self. All I really want to know is five things for...
  18. ryan.gerardi

    The Myth of Selling Cars to Millennials

    This is the edited version of our original webinar with Drive Motors Head of Growth Rune Hague which aired in September 2017. Millennials differ substantially from previous generations when it comes to how they shop. This is equally as true for household items and consumer electronics as it...
  19. ryan.gerardi

    DR Roundtable Session #2 - Digital Retailing, Online Checkout...Whatever!

    Welcome to the all-new DealerRefresh Roundtable where we explore the hottest topics in automotive retail to help those in the industry take action, innovate, and improve. Happy to release our second edition where we welcome back Guest Refresher @Ed Brooks , Vince Harris from Ancira Nissan, and...
  20. ryan.gerardi

    PR & News Scott Painter’s Fair Raises Up to $1 Billion in Debt and Equity Funding

    LOS ANGELES — Scott Painter’s new Fair car-leasing app announced on Friday that it’s closing a new funding round led by BMW iVentures and includes investments from Penske Automotive Group and other investors. The startup also announced it has raised nearly $1 billion in debt funding from a...