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Customers want more VIDEO - What is (or would be) your strategy?

Todd Thomspon

Green Pea
May 29, 2018
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This is really cool, and should win awards. We do some video through text and use to through You Tube a while back then changed BDC managers. Is this 100% home grown and run in house or are you all using some outside vendors or apps? Thanks
Hi this is developed in-house though am considering offering to dealers outside our market area if there is interest
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Todd Thomspon

Green Pea
May 29, 2018
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This is mind Blowing everyone, check it out. Free to sign up and try. https://www.drift.com/video/

Example: https://em.drift.com/Ls40CU00309Y0KaHk0q050I
Doesn't work on IE10, just shows a black screen. Always the danger when introducing newer 'tech'. Will it work on the average customer desktop or fail and leave the user with 'wtf?' Fine on iphone and I'm sure newer chrome browser etc. You get that a lot with webRTC video etc..

Up until ios12 for example, iphone didn't support the VP8 codec for live video, only apples own codec. So Android phones can play either but don't perform that well on H264 and iphone won't play VP8. So you rely on multiple streams, OS detection and so on with varied success and user experience.

My point being, every time a shiny new tech/idea comes out... will it actually work on your customers typical devices. That's the caveat to the bleeding edge.
Jun 14, 2019
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I'm a huge fan of employee bio videos. Proctor Honda does a great job of it here and shout out to Alex Jefferson. https://www.proctorhonda.com/meet-greg-miller It builds a personal connection between the consumer and salesperson (which I believe is highly underrated) Dealers can link this to their staff pages, send in outgoing email sigs and certainly leverage in social advertising. Helps to build trust and likability between prospects and your staff.
These are excellent. Thanks for pointing them out.

Jonas Dominique

Green Pea
May 23, 2019
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Is anyone using a why buy or instructional video on the thank you page after a lead is submitted on the website?
Apr 22, 2009
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Great thread going on guys and gals!!

Not a lot of mention of Instagram Stories. We are using these daily at the store and it's become a bit of a training ground for our FB and YouTube videos.

What's the ROI? I have no f'n idea but we're having a good time doing them.

Staff is a lot more keen to get in front of the camera when they know the video disappears in 24 hours.

Personally, I'd like to see more "behind the scenes" type of videos at the dealership.

One guy I've recently discovered is "Dave B Sells Chevy".

I absolutely LOVE what he is doing.

He's a salesperson taking you through what it's really like to sell cars and how deals are structured etc; Check him out.


I've been debating starting a YouTube channel with life as a GM type of content.

Joe Friedrichsen

Just Get'm In
Jun 19, 2019
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Another good video tactic for dealerships is putting a video on model-specific landing pages.

This increases engagement and the opportunity to influence shoppers more. We all know video influences shoppers up to 80% more than just pictures.

Here’s an example of a dealership using a Ford F-150 YouTube video on their landing page:

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Jan 3, 2019
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Video is a great tool when it comes to dealership marketing.

Too few salespeople/teams use it the smart way.

I've been part of many meetings where it started with something like: "Should we use Video?" and ended with someone ordering a freaking $10,000 studio of Amazon...


Can we start with stupid stuff first?

If you're a sales associate, take your damn phone, sit in one of the cars in the showroom. Press record and take 20 seconds to introduce yourself.


You have an introduction video that puts you ahead of 99% in this business.

Think about becoming Steven Spielberg next year, or not.


P.S: If anyone likes the idea, you should check this out. You'd know how to integrate this new video you just made.
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